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Nails Inc Leather & Skulls Bling It On Kit - Tan Leather Effect

posted by Sara ♥


Howdy people! 

I hope you have all been well and made the most of your summer?? Here's a quick recap of mine: end of year uni exams (including copious amounts of blood, sweat and tears) - results (more tears but mostly of joy and relief) - graduation - vacation - crazy family madness - catching up on Breaking Bad (someone hug me and tell me I will survive when it ends) - vacation again - crazy family craziness again (yeah, they'r a wacky lot) - beginning a new course. :)


Yup, all that and more was the story of my life this summer. I can't believe how quickly it went though, I was on an adrenaline rush every single day! My results were such a shocker - I got a First! Woop! - and now after all the madness has passed I am about to start a new course by the Princes Trust which should be really amazing and a lot of hard work too. Its exciting and scary at the same time but i'm really looking forward to it! :) 

So right now i'm taking a bit of a breather just before my course starts. Aaaaah, that feeling of relaxation...

I can't wait to hear all about how your holidays went! Let me know what you got up to :)

For today I bring you a super funky nail art kit by Nails Inc - Skulls and Leather Bling It On! This sort of stuff is exactly what I live for. Its shiny, its pretty, its daring, its blingy, its different! I completely love it.

The set comes with a Nails Inc Leather Effect polish in Tan, 4 skull embellishments, a nail glue and an orange stick.

Here's how I used the kit:

The nail polish was effortless to apply and glided on like butter. It went on smooth then dried down fairly quickly into this gritty, leather effect. I didn't use any topcoat as I wanted to keep the textured effect. 

To apply the skull I simply dotted on a blob of glue on my nail and a blob on the back of the skull, waited a couple of seconds and then stuck the two together. Just as a warning, don't do what I did and use fingers to apply the skull... please don't do it! Use tweezers as the instructions say! The glue is extremely strong, like superglue, and I almost got my thumb and index finger stuck together permanently because I wasn't careful! =/ Ouch!

To remove the skull you simply dip the nail in acetone and that will melt the glue away so you can reuse it anytime again. Yay!

Overall I adore this kit as its a super simple and easy way to create a really bold and edgy look. The skull stayed put exactly where I applied it for the entire time I had this polish on, which was about 3 days. I did have to be a little more careful than usual to make sure it didn't get caught on anything and snag off, but once its on you get used to it being there.

This neat little kit can be bought here and here.

I look forward to catching up with everyone and chatting to you all on here soon too!


*Product was sent for review, however I was not paid to publish this post. As always, my opinion is honest and unbiased. For more information, please refer to my disclosure.*



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