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11 Questions =]

posted by Sara ♥


Hey hey!

Today's post is going to be kinda long, sorry about that but I hope you'l enjoy reading through it =) I was tagged for this 11 Questions tag by the awesome Theodora at Red Hair and Black Nail Polish, yay and thank you for that! =D Btw, everyone NEEDS to visit Theodora's blog, she's super sweet and her nails are beautiful =)

Alright so the rules for this tag are:
- Each person must post 11 facts about themselves on their blog.
- Answer the questions the tagger set to you in their post and create 11 new questions for the         people you tag!
- You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on your post.
- Go to their blog and tell them you have tagged them.
- You legitimately have to tag 11 people. No tag backs!

Ok so starting off with the 11 facts... =)
1. I am stupidly OBSESSED with The Hunger Games! Lol seriously ever since reading the books and finding out about the movie and the polish collection.... my brain has created a large section in itself dedicated to all things Hunger Games =P 
2. When I was little I was playing tag or something in the playground and somehow ended up crashing really badly into another girl who was also playing. It resulted in a lot of stones in my knee but also a deep cut next to my left eye, which is now visible as a scar.
3. When I was born the nurse used forceps to er deliver me =/ And with them she ended up accidentally snipping off a piece of my right ear. I still have a little groove in the top of my ear which is the missing bit =P
4. My right hand middle finger is bent. Lol it's because of the way I write and the way I hold my pen has over the years pushed against the finger, bending it!
6. I just realised the three facts above are all about flaws in my body! =P
5. I love jackets, blazers and coats and own way too many of each!
6. I'm addicted to lip balms. I keep buying them but at least these are the one thing which I actually use up completely =P Right now on my wishlist are EOS lipbalms.... aren't they so cute??!!!
7. I loathe the smell of petrol.
8. My phone is the LG Viewty, it's baby pink and I love it to death! Even though it's pretty old now and looks like a brick compared to today's modern technological paper thin ones, I don't mind at all =) If I could keep this one for the rest of my life I would!
9. My star sign is Taurus. I enjoy reading my horoscope from time to time but end up mostly peeing myself laughing over how ridiculous it is =P 
10. I love shiny things! Oh and pretty little things... of course ;)
11. Right now i'm wearing teddy bear pj's and sitting on my bed all wrapped up in my blanket =P

Ok now it's time to answer Theodora's 11 questions... =)
1. What are your other hobbies, besides nail polish and doing your nails ?
I enjoy doing anything creative, so sewing clothes, making jewellery, painting... =] Both me and my mum are arty types so we usually do these things together =)
2. What is your favorite nail polish color ?

BLUE! Lol i'm pretty sure anyone who follows this blog already knew that =P
3. What or who started your nail polish addiction/ obsession ?

I honestly don't know! I was inspired by my mum, she had long beautiful nails all the time and kept them polished permanently so I remember copying her from a young age. I'v pretty much been into polish my entire life but I think the addiction really kicked in last year when I discovered blogs and youtuber's constantly showing new awesome polishes that I suddenly needed too!
4. What nail polish trend do you love/hate ?

Lets start of with the hate first.... I HATE the chipped polish trend! Ugh. I don't think I even need to explain why and honestly I could write on about how much I loath it but let's just not even go there =P 
There's many trends that I love but I think my fave has to be mixing matte and glossy nails together. It looks so uber cool and gets compliments every single time =)
5. Do you also paint the nails of others, like friends/family ?

I do if they want me to =P Whenever I have friends or family over and they come to my room, instantly they'r excited to see my polishes and most of the time I do end up painting their nails!
6. Where do you buy most of your nail polish ?

Online =) Mostly ebay but there's other sites too that are amazing.
7. Stamping or freehand Nail Art - what's your favorite ?

I love stamping as it's something I can do easily and don't enjoy freehand as I can never get it right! But I do LOVE seeing other's freehand as the designs are stunning =) 
8. Would you ever give up your entire collection of nail polish ? :D

Omg Theodora what??!! lol =P Hmm well I guess it depends on what I need to give it up for... =P 
9. Where would you like to live ? And why ?

I love living in the UK but sometimes I do wish I was in America because of the sights, the food and of course the shopping =P 
10. What's your best feature ?

I like my arms! They'r longer than average and I enjoy not having to get up to reach for things =P
11. What's your biggest dream ?

To make it into heaven. =]

Ok now for my 11 question's... =)
1. What is your favorite polish you currently own?
2. What is your style, fashion wise?
3. What is the most expensive nail polish/cosmetic you own?
4. What's the craziest thing you'v ever done?
5. Do you prefer brights or nudes or vampy for nails?
6. If you had to change one thing about yourself what would it be and why? 
7. Do you mind if your nails get stained or not?
8. Have you ever had a super embarrassing moment? 
9. Completely random.... can you drive?
10. What is your favorite book or film?
11. Do you have any regrets?

Ok and now to tag people... =) 
This is going to be difficult as I know some have already been tagged before, so i'm sorry if I end up tagging you again! 
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Ok so that's all for today =) I'l be back soon with some new nails to show ya'll =) I hope you enjoyed reading through this post and do let me know if you complete the tag! I'd love to read it =)



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