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Lets play 'Spot the Difference'... =P

posted by Sara ♥


Hey dolls =)

So have any of you been scammed by ebay sellers claiming a designer product is real yet when you get tempted to buy it and it arrives at your door and your hearts beating like crazy cos your so happy and then you rip open the packaging only to find that the item your staring at is capital F. A. K. E. ??!!!

Lol a little dramatic but hey =P

Anyways....this exact scenario happened to me a little while ago when I decided to search for the awesome Benetint by Benefit on ebay. I saw a seller selling it for a bargain-lisious £6.00 (inc. p and p.) and saw that the picture was showing the real thing so gave in a bought it. Yes people it sounded too good to be true and eventually I found out 2 days later when it arrived that it really was. Grrr. I felt really angry and instantly contacted the seller demanding my money back....and thank god that the seller was good hearted enough to give me a full refund without making me return the item back to them =)

So...on the same day I got the refund I decided to buy the real product and when that arrived I was over the moon lol =P And since I now had both the real and fake versions I thought i'd do a little post about comparing the two side by side just to show you guys how to spot a fake Benetint and also how each one performs against the other =)

Can you tell the difference??...... The one on the left is real and the one on the right is fake.

Here is the real bottle on its own.

And this is the fake bottle on its own. We can tell that the text on the real bottle is evenly spaced out and the 'benefit' written at the bottom of the bottle on the fake one has no line through the f whereas the real one does. Also, the large pink circle which is part of the logo for benetint is so oddly positioned in the fake bottle, even under-lapping the benefit text. Its also more brighter pink that the real bottles circle.  

This photo just shows you the brushes and you can tell that the fake bottle (one on the right) has a pretty spazzed up brush =P As far as the colour goes, the two stains are very similar and no obvious differences can be seen. 

Here I'm holding the two bottles up in front of the sun so the colour can be compared. The fake tint is slightly brighter than the real version, however thats not an accurate statement lol. 

Okay this is the back of the real Benetint bottle. It reads 'The sexiest flush you can get from a bottle. Innocent yet provocative. Our rose tinted cheek stain is see through color that endures it all... even in the thralls of passion. To use: Apply three dots to the apples of your cheeks and blend quickly with fingertip.'

Now this is the back of the fake bottle and it reads: 'the sexiest flush you can get from a bettle. Innecent yet prevocative. Our rose tinten cheek stain in ee through color that endures it all... Eve in the thral, of passion To use: pply three dos to the apples of our cheeks and blend quickly with fingertip.' And if those spelling mistakes weren't enough to make you realise how terribly fake this is.....the website at the bottom reads 'benefiteesmellles.com'. Seriously but what the hell??!!! (Oh and if your wondering...no that site doesn't exist! Yes I really did search for it on the internet!!)

This photo shows that the bottom of the bottles are very different, with the real Benetint having a thick glass base and the fake bottle having hardly a base at all. Although this does mean that the fake bottle contains more stain! =P

This is what happens to the lid when the fake Benetint is accidentally tilted =S Also when this one arrived the tint was seeping through the bottle and had leaked all over the envelope! Yuck =P

Ohkay....so thats the physical comparisons done....but how about the performance of each product? Is it really worth splashing out extra cash for the real thing? 
Well.....the answer to that is yes and no. Let me explain....
The real tint smells like pretty roses, as does the fake one. The real one and the fake one also look very similar (as in the actual product does). But...once applied to the face, the real tint goes on softly and the colour is very natural. The fake one on the other hand goes on much darker and stands out way more. You need to apply at least twice the amount of the real version to achieve the same amount of colour as the fake one gives in one go. This can be an advantage or disadvantage for some. For me its an advantage when i'm applying it to my lips but a disadvantage when applying to my cheeks as I like to build up the colour when using it as a blush. 
Staying power is extremely good for the fake product; it lasts literally forever and even when I splashed my face with water (I do this several times a day because it freshens me up lol) and patted dry with a towel, the tint was still just as visible as before. On my lips the tint lasted just as well and there was absolutely no fading from near the middle of my lips by the end of the day which is super amazing! The real Benetint didn't last as well and when I washed my face it wore off fairly quickly. Without washing however it lasted for a good few hours but still not as good as the fake one did. On my lips it faded pretty fast and the colour slipped from the middle of my lips.
The last thing about the two products which I found made the real Benetint better was that it tastes much much better than the fake one. I've heard loads of people say how the Benetint tastes bitter and nasty, but trust me, once you've tasted the fake one the real one will suddenly taste like sugar =P Yep thats how bad the fake one tastes! Lol =P

So if you don't want to spend loads of money on the real thing I suggest that the fake version is a pretty good lip and cheek stain that lasts really well and does the job. But of course it does have its bad points and another thing which I didn't mention before was how the fake one's ingredients may differ from the real one, perhaps in a bad way? And who knows if the fake product has been tested on animals? 

Okies guys thats all for today lol i'm really sorry if my loooong essay has kinda freaked you lot out =P I'm off to bed now =)



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