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Bring On The Summer!!!!!

posted by Sara ♥


Today's mani is glossy and glittery =) Its shiny and sparkley =) Its blue and... er yea ok I failed there. 

Anyhoo... I really wanted to do a simple design that was quick and easy to do so I came up with this. It literally screams summer to me! =)

Firstly I started with a base of 17's Sea Breeze polish which is the most beautiful almost neon turquoise colour ever! I thought it was going to be a cream when I looked at it in the bottle, but on my nails its a gorgeous plasticated jelly which looks so much brighter in real life!

This was perfect in two coats =) 
Next I used OPI's Simmer and Shimmer (which Rachel gave to me) and used a make up sponge to apply the glitter in a gradient effect, which got more concentrated at the tips of the nails.
I just want to add that this mani was inspired by the amazing blogger Cristina from Let Them Have Polish! who did a design similar to this which you can view HERE. Thanks Cristina for your brill mani idea!

Please click on the images to enlarge and see the glitteratzzi in its full glory! =P

The polishes I used for this mani are 17 Sea Breeze and OPI Simmer and Shimmer:

And here's a picture I just wanna show you guys that I took when I was bored and playing around with my camera settings!

Hope you guys liked this mani =) Do you like glitter polishes?
Take care lovelies =) 


Another Blog Award!!! Kreativ Blogger Award =D

posted by Sara ♥


Wow another blog award! I feel over the moon that people enjoy reading my blog and so much that they go ahead and award me for it! Makes the hard work and effort I put into it all worthwhile =)

So this time I'd like to say a huge THANK YOU to the lovely Laura for awarding me this Kreativ Blogger award =D

The rules are:
Write 10 facts about yourself
Pass the award to 10 bloggers and tell them about the award

Ohkay.... so facts about me eh....

  1. I don't think there's been a single episode of Glee that i've managed to survive through without crying. Yes I really did just write crying. No not laughing (although thats true too =P). I guess i'm just very emotional =S
  2. There's this guy on the art website deviantART who i'm madly in love with and totally convinced that he'l become my husband one day. =) Wanna check him out? Click HERE 
  3. My favourite colour is pink =)
  4. I love almost every song by Lady Gaga but can't stand her latest single Judas. Ugh even typing it out has given me a headache. (Ooh but I can't wait for the video to be released..... I just wanna see how she stretches it to 17 minutes long???!!!)
  5. Black jeans are a staple in my wardrobe
  6. I hate bananas. Apparently I used to eat four a day as a child...
  7. I love manly action films! With full on fighting, fast cars and guns
  8. I'm addicted to all three versions of CSI and The Mentalist =) Never missed an episode
  9. Blue is my fave colour of nail polish to wear
  10. I talk to myself. Out loud. A lot.      =S
Right time to pass on the love =)

Glossy Red and Molten Roses...

posted by Sara ♥


Hey lovelies!

This isn't a typical spring mani using soft pastel colours like you'd expect in this season... but more like a winter design lol! It was requested to me by my best friend Sonia =) She loves deep colours with no shimmer or glitter and asked me to do a mani that she'd like. So I went and literally dived straight for my new Zoya polish called Kristi, given to me in a swap with Rachel =) It's a gorgeous true post-box red JELLY polish! And gosh it's glossy!

A'yt.... onto the mani pics:

Here I took photos with the camera flash on, but I wasn't sure about the photos as they seemed kinda weird when I was looking at them on the camera. So here's some more pics I took without using flash:

This polish is flaming amazing! Lol its such a squiggy jelly with a high gloss finish. I ♥ it! =)

And being me I had to spice it up... so I added some stamped roses onto it using the pattern from my giant plate. The polish I used for stamping is MEMEME's Pewter.

The polishes I used were Zoya Kristi and MEMEME Pewter:

So I hope you guys liked this design as much as I did?? =) Thanks for reading and I'l talk to you again soon =) 


Liebster Blog Award!!!

posted by Sara ♥


Thanks sooooo much to the truly fabulous Beauty Shades for giving me this award! Aaagh I feel so happy right now lol with my first blog award ever! =D

The Liebster Award is designed to bring well deserved additional recognition to those bloggers with less than 300 followers.  If you receive the award you link back to the blogger that nominated you and nominate 3 more blogs. So my choices are:

Little Miss Sparkles - Omg this girl is brilliant! Her blog is beautiful and she does reviews on a variety of beauty products, haul posts and also general cute lil posts on whatever she feels like! Also she's having a giveaway soon so make sure you check out her blog!!!

Prettyfulz - I love love love her blog! She has the most amazing nail art designs and she also does pedi designs too! Seriously people you have to take a look at her amazing blog as it's too fab to avoid!

Ready For Abduction - Ok so this isn't a beauty blog but a refreshing insight into this crazy but awesome girls life! She does totally random posts about herself and her kinda hectic teenage life! She's really funny and it's hard not to at least smile when going through her page =)


*EDIT* I know this isn't part of the rules... but I just can't help it...I have to also award this to the fab Laura of Clothes, Cosmetics and Chat because she has a wonderful blog and you guys need to check it out! Lol I was born to break rules ok. =P


Holiday nails =)

posted by Sara ♥


Sadly i'm not off on a holiday anytime soon as I have so many exams coming up.... but at least looking at my nails reminds me of a tropical paradise with long stretches of golden beaches, sweet smelling air that makes up the breeze, cloudless bright blue skies which fill up with pink and orange when the sun decides to settle down.... =)


Lol so onto the nails!

I think that this may be my first ever attempt at sponging and freehand nail art! I used a bunch of polishes from my set of sixty nail art striper polishes I got from ebay =)

Here's some close-ups of my ring finger and middle finger nail:

Ok so to make this design I followed a video tutorial by LOVE 4 NAILS who did every nail like how I did my ring finger nail. I's just tooo lazy to do all my nails like that lol so I made my own design for the rest of the nails by randomly sponging on a load of colours and then adding the island and birds using black =)

Here's the video that I was inspired by:

Here's some more pics I took =)

So what do you think of this?? I'm seriously craving the sun now lol i'm off outside to my er... back garden to sip some cherry soda and lounge about! Byee peeps =)


Pink Holographic!!! =)

posted by Sara ♥


Hey hey!

So yesterday I was out all day in London having fun seeing my cousins and of course the lil baby nephew! (He's not really my nephew... he's my cousins son but I still feel like an aunty to him lol!!) =P
Anyway these are my nails which I did super quickly today because I was rushing so I could go out and have a game of cricket with my family!

I used Milani's 3D Holographic in Digital which I received in a swap with the awesome Rachel (http://rachelsnails.blogspot.com/) and then stamped with Colour Club's Where's the Soiree?

This polish is a pretty warm pink with a nice holographic effect that my camera just didn't want to show =( In real life the holo within this was almost linear! Here's a bottle picture because the holo effect was so strong but again my camera just wasn't cooperating =P

Then I stamped over it using one of the patterns from my giant plate =)

There's also another picture but for some damn reason blogger wont upload it!!! =( =( =( AArrggghhhh!!

Okies I give up

So thats all for today =) What do you think of this?

Bye peeps =) Have a good easter too!


Magical Mani..... =)

posted by Sara ♥



Todays mani features two of my fave nail colour combos together... black and white and black and pink =)

And how is that done?... you may be wondering...

Well..... with the added magic of a truly a-m-a-z-i-n-g polish by Del Sol called Peek-A-Boo I can change my mani from white to pink...with a touch of sunlight! Awesome right??!!!

To create this nail design I used Rimmel's Silver Bullet as a base, then added the stamped design from my brand new giant plate using Colour Clubs Where's the Soiree?. Btw...I am soo in love with this new stamping plate! The images transfer really well and they'r also quite large so fit on my thumbs perfectly =)
To complete the mani, I topped it off with Peek-A-Boo =) In the bottle, Peek-A-Boo looks like a peach colour but when applied onto your nails it's literally transparent! So thats why I used it as a top coat instead of putting it onto my bare nails =)

Ok so those above were what my nails looked like inside the house... now lets take a walk outside in the gorgeous sunshine and watch the magic take effect!! =P

They've turned into a bright berry pink!!! Oh and trust me they were much darker and brighter in real life...my camera just kept deciding to dim the colour lol =S

And now for some comparison pictures =)

My left hand was out in the sunshine and my right hand kept inside the shade. The colour change is really noticeable and its soo cool just watching my nails transform from one colour to a completely different one! And my brother was amazed when I walked out of the house with white nails and then suddenly after short a game of cricket my nails were hot pink?! Lol he couldn't work out how I managed to change them so quickly!! =P

The polish looks amazing in the bottle too! Changing from a peachy colour to a deep orangey/red when in the sun =)

So those were todays nails..... i'm now gonna show you guys a requested giant stamping plate verses bundle monster stamping plate image size comparison. 
This was requested to me by the lovely Rebecca from http://rebeccalikesnails.blogspot.com/ =)

I used Models Own Purple Pearl as the polish to test out with....no particular reason...it was just closest to me lol! 
I stamped on a piece of paper and here are the results:

Ok so the above images are bundle monster and the images below them are form the giant stamping plate. I tried to use matching-ish images to get the best comparison. As you can see the giant plate images are much wider than the BM ones. 

Here i'm showing you guys a picture of a BM hounds tooth pattern next to the giant image plate's zebra pattern which is supposed to be a replica of Konads zebra from their M57 plate. If you guys read my post yesterday, you'l know that I was quite annoyed that the designs on the giant image plate that are similar to Konads M57 plate are super small. This was the only disappointment for me with the giant image plate. So, as you can see here, the zebra is even smaller than bundle monster images! Grrr...

Okies people I'm off to bed now...gotta wake up early tomorrow as i'm off to London to see my baby nephew! Yay!
Hope you liked the nails and Rebecca, I hope this little comparison I did is helpful?? =)


The Secret Life of a Wannabe Diva's amazing giveaway!!!!

posted by Sara ♥

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Awesome giveaway!

You could win perfume by Juicy Couture, Viva Glam Gaga lipstick and lipgloss, Benefits Confessions of a Shopaholic set and Laura Mercier Skin Primer =)

 Enter by April 27th

Click here to enter:



Giant Stamping Plate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by Sara ♥


I'm sooo excited to be sharing with you all this super amazing find which seemed too good to be true!! 

Its a GIANT konad-esque stamping nail art plate!!! =)

Now for the too good to be true part..... It cost less than twenty quid!!! =O Plus free shipping!!! =O =O =O

Ok people... I need to breathe lol! 
For those of you who don't know why i'm dying over this....its because basically a real Konad giant stamping plate will cost you about £109 (http://www.blushcosmetics.com/nail-art/prod_3832.html). Although that is for real Konad, so expensive is expected,  however, a Fauxnad giant image plate will still cost you a lot... around £75 (http://www.moyou.co.uk/index.php/nail-art-decoration-sets/nail-art-design-image-plates-b.html

So er.... how on earth did I manage to get my hands on a giant plate for about £18??!!! 

Well, you may or may not have heard of the site DH Gate, which is a Chinese wholesale website. They sell awesome things such as make-up (famous and expensive brands too), electronics, and um anything else you can think of, for dirt cheap prices. Most of the time though they sell items in huge bundles and so the price of one thing, eg. a MAC lipstick, could be about 50 pence, but you must buy the whole lot of say, 100 lipsticks, and pay the big bundle price in order to get it for that cheap price. 
So it's not ideal for simple internet shopping lol! 

But....I was surprised when I stumbled across a seller on DH Gate selling this giant image plate as a single item and not a lot! At first I was wary of buying it since the seller was brand new and did not have any feedback at all... but eventually after days of thinking it over I decided that I really really wanted it and so went ahead and bought it =)

And damn i'm so glad I did!!! =P

For the price I paid I wouldn't have minded if it came bent and unusable (which mind you it didn't!) It was extremely well packaged and arrived quickly. 

These are pictures that I tried to take of it. It was sooo difficult trying to capture a decent photo since its like a giant mirror and kept reflecting things off it making it impossible to see the patterns! (Please enlarge images to view in detail)

The plate was sealed with a blue film which has to be peeled off before use. The metal image plate is also glued onto a dark blue plastic board which makes it easier to handle and avoid cutting yourself as it has rounded corners. 

And here's the plate in full, again =)

These were my attempts at trying to capture close-ups of the fabulous designs on this plate =) Most of the patterns are exactly like ones that Konad produces so its amazing that I can get Konad designs without the hefty price tag!

Overall I am over the moon with this purchase and would definitely recommend this plate to everybody =)
The only negative thing that I can say about this image plate is that my fave Konad plate, M57, the one with the zebra, leopard and net design, is featured on this giant plate, however its wayyy too small!! ='(  It's smaller than the Bundle Monster designs so it'l never ever fit on my nails! the leopard print I can kind of deal with, by double stamping, but the zebra print is a waste =(

Anyway thats the only negative I have and i'm still very happy with this plate =) I can't wait to play around with it and create new mani's =)

If you're interested in purchasing this plate, you can do so over here: http://www.dhgate.com/new-large-big-size-221-fashion-designs-diy/p-ff8080812e32cf1f012e5d4159375bce.html

What do you guys think? Amazing product or can you recommend something even better??

I was not paid to review this product and neither was I given it for review. This product was purchased by me and my honest views are expressed. 


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