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Del Sol - Heart breaker... making use of the sun which shows for about 5 minutes every day..... =P

posted by Sara ♥


It was pretty sunny yesterday and now its raining today =( Ugh stupid weather.

Anyways I wanted to make use of the sun that kept popping up (and then dying down) over the past few days so I slapped one of my Del Sol polishes that I bought for a ridiculously expensive price...but perhaps was worth it lol!
For those of you guys that haven't heard of these polishes yet... these are really cool nail polishes that are a certain colour and then once exposed to sunlight, they magically change colour! They'r from the company Del Sol and... correct me if i'm wrong...are only available in the US. Theres loads of shades to choose from but seriously if I bought the whole lot i'd go bankrupt! =P 

Ok so I chose to get two colours....one which is called Heart Breaker (the one i'm gonna show today) and one called Peek-A-Boo. Heart Breaker changes from a bright cherry red to a deep purpley wine shade. Peek-A-Boo is a soft, sheer peach which turns hot pink.

Lets look at some pictures =)

So thats what it looks like in the bottle and the little hibiscus flower on the front shoes what colour the polish changes to. 

Mmmmm....glitter...... yumm =P

This is what the colour looks like when indoors and no sunlight has hit it yet. The polish is a red, perhaps more cranberry deep pink/red jelly with chunks of silver and gold glitters. The mani was done using two coats and then I also added my usual topcoat (X-treme nails speed dry topcoat...in case your wondering). 

And now here it is what the polish looks like when exposed to sunlight. It turns much darker in colour and although not the purple shade the bottle says, but still obviously darker and purple like. 

I also did some side by side comparisons and got my brother to take the photos of both my hands lol. My nails on the left are indoors lighting and the ones on the right are sunlight-ed. (not sure if thats a word but hey =P)

You can see the colour change here and its a pretty cool effect =) Watching it change is amazing ...even though my arm was killing me by then end since I was waving my hand out of the window trying to catch the sun!

So what do you think? Have you ever tried these polishes out? 



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