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Ridiculously Over The Top Bronze Sparkle =)

posted by Sara ♥


Hello! =)
Yay it's time for my third outfit inspired nail post =DDD

This one is probably my fave design i'v ever created.... it's just so OTT!

So as you can tell there's a LOT going on in this design!
I painted my nails in Rimmel's Star Dust, then sponged on a copper coloured glitter polish, then stamped a konad design over the top and finally added a rhinestone to each nail =)

Here's some close-ups of the outfit which inspired this design:

And here's me wearing the clothes =)

Sorry about the weird background, it was late and I just sat on my parents bed to get this shot!

I wish I'd taken shoe pics.... I'm in love the shoes i'm wearing here! Maybe i'l show you them close up another time =)))

Okies peeps, that's all for today! I hope you like the nails and tell me what you think of the outfit =)


Check out my guest post on Red Hair and Black Nail Polish =DDDDD

posted by Sara ♥



Just a quick post to let you guys know I'v done a guest post for a fellow nail polish blogger, the super amazing and completely awesome Theodora from Red Hair and Black Nail Polish.

Please check it out and give your love to Theodora, she's so sweet and you need to, I mean NEED to check out her beautiful blog! =D

Click HERE to go straight to my guest post =)

I'l be back soon with more outfit-matching nail designs =] 

Bye for now!


Blingin Turquoise Outfit, Shoes and Eyes.... =)

posted by Sara ♥


Yo peeps!

Continuing on from my last post (which is HERE in case you missed it) for all of you lovelies who wanted to see the dress in full, here's me wearing the outfit which inspired me to create the nails I did =) 

*sorry for the awkward pose, it was super sunny and my brother is rubbish at taking photos and this was the only decent non-blurry one he managed to take... when I wasn't even ready! Oh and um yes I beheaded myself =P*

Talking of beheading ourselves.... did you guys see Lady G's outfit on the Xfactor??!!! She literally did decapitate herself!!!! Who knew it was so fashionable to chop off our heads??!!..... er... =/

Erm yea anyway.... the picture of me was taken on the day of Eid and that was how I wore the clothes =]

Bonus pics.... it's shoe droolage time! =P

Wowee my feet look WEIRD in this second pic.... (I blame my bro.... he took the pic =P)

I'm wearing MEMEME Platinum on me toes btw, just in case you wanted to know =]

Okay, and this is the eye look I wore to go with this outfit. The turquoise part was waayyy brighter in real life...

I just thought i'd mention that I was inspired by the AMAZING Miss. Sneakerette who posts freaking brilliant eye looks and a load of other awesomesauce, go check out her blog! She's super cool =) 
My eye look is nothing, lol I mean nothing compared to hers but I like doing these and I think you guys might be seeing more of these on here.... =]

The products I used were Pop glam jam (primer), 17 glam rocks palette silver and white (inner corner and middle), Sleek turquoise eye dust (outer corner), Barry M black khol pencil (water line), Maybelline lasting drama gel eyeliner (upper lid) and Clinique high impact mascara (lashes).

And just for the fun of it, here's the nails again =]

Okies so that's all for today I hope you enjoyed the randomness =] I'l see you all later for more outfit inspired fun =] 


Second Outfit Inspired Nails =] Blingin Turquoise Necklaces!

posted by Sara ♥


Hey!!!!!! =)

Remember a while ago I posted these outfit inspired nails? Well recently I'v had a lot of formal events to attend to like weddings and such, and I got the chance to create a few more outfit-matching-nail-designs =]

So for my next few posts you'l be seeing a load of my different outfit inspired nails, which I really hope you'l all enjoy reading through =]

For today's post I thought I'd show you a design a did to go with the clothes I wore for Eid a few months back. I'l show you the nails I did for the Eid that just went in a later post.

Okies here's a close-up shot of the gorgeous top, which has a beautiful jeweled neckline.

And here's the nail design I came up with to match =]

I got soooooo many compliments on this design it was crazy lol! Seriously whenever I go out hardly anyone notices my nails but these ones seemed to catch everyone's attention! Almost everyone was like woah what are those cool lil beady things?! Lol =P

So I used the awesome Colour Club's Wicked Sweet as a base, which is super bright and shimmery. Oh and smells divine too!
I then used topcoat and little nail art beads and silver gems I bought from ebay to create a necklace style pattern on the ring finger and thumb nails. For the rest of the nails I also used the beads and gems but just created little 'bindi' style designs.

It was kinda difficult applying the beads and the necklaces didn't come out completely perfect, but hey it was my first time and i'm still pretty happy with the way it turned out =]

Here's some pics of my nails with the dress:

In my last outfit inspired post I got asked by a lot of you for me to show you guys the entire dress. I'm so sorry I couldn't manage to get pictures of me wearing that outfit, but I promise I'l show you this one in its full glory in my next post =]

I also took pictures of the eye makeup I wore with this outfit and you'l get to see that along with a few more things soon =)

Hope you enjoyed reading this post, I'm sorry I rambled quite a bit! Please let me know what you think of this design and if you'v ever tried using nail art beads before?? 

Until next time, have a wonderful wonderful day =D



posted by Sara ♥


Eeek i'm soo excited to be showing you this ah-mazing beauty which comes in the form of Nubar Reclaim! =)

I even got compliments on this mani from a guy! Who I don't even know lol!

Ok enough chattering... moving on to the pics =]

These above pics were taken in natural sunlight. 

These below pics were taken in artificial light plus flash.

I was recommended this polish by a lot of you lovely bloggers, and I'm soooo glad I finally listed to you all and got it! It was the lovely Little Miss Sparkles who posted about this and as soon as I read the post I ran lol literally ran to ebay and bought a bottle straight away! 

I think i'd like to try some stamping over this, and if all goes well lol I'l def do a post on it =] 

Thanks for reading peeps, i'l talk to you all soon!


Moody Blues

posted by Sara ♥


So lately I'd been on a roll and felt like trying out all the different polishes that were ever so kindly given to me by the lovely Caroline from Shadow's Nail Art as part of a swap we did. Just remembered to tell you that the last post I wrote on Wet and Wild's Night Prowl was also a polish she sent me. =]

Ok so today i'l show you my latest try out, which was a HUGE lemming of mine. It's Claires Mood Polish in Flirty/Shy =]]]]]]]]]]]]

My absolute favorite colour of polish to wear is blue and to get two shades of blue in the same polish.... AWESOME!!!!! 

This polish was effortless to apply, just two coats that dry super fast and you'r good to go! As soon as I applied it, it magically changed colour which was soo cool! It dries to a matte finish, which personally I found a little streaky but topcoat instantly changed that for the better =]

Ok so here's my nails after they were run under cold water. The colour changes to a gorgeous deep true royal blue.

And here you see the polish when my nails were run under hot water. The colour becomes a super amazing bright turquoise which looks stunning! 

So overall i'm SUPER impressed with this polish and can't wait to try out the other two colours I have =) I love the way you get a french tip slash gradient mani that takes no effort at all to create! 

Do you guys own any mood polishes? What do you think of them, too childish or totally awesome?


Gareth Pugh for MAC.... omg check out the nail polishes!!!!!!!

posted by Sara ♥


As soon as my eyes landed on these, I knew I just HAD to share with you guys =] 

A few days ago I was reading one of my fave makeup blogs, Musings of a Muse, and landed on THIS post by her about a new makeup collection by MAC which will be released late November time. This collection looks seriously good and has been co-designed by super cool, artsy and very edgy fashion designer Gareth Pugh. 

Looking at all the pieces I though wow they look awesome but then I saw the nail polishes and my jaw actually dropped! Seriously... but how freaking GORGEOUS do these look??!!

I'v got to admit, I really dislike the triangle print all over the bottles.... they cover up the amazing-ness inside! I'd encourage you to enlarge the pics and drool over that duochrome peeking through.... =P

Check out the rest of the collection on Musings of a Muse. Gareth has also designed some freakishly-abstract-but-seriously-kick-ass looking lashes which you have just got to see!

So what do you think of these? Will you be picking up a fave shade?



posted by Sara ♥


Me = Glitter Fanatic

Short and sweet post today where I'l be showing you one of my fave polishes, Wet and Wild Night Prowl. 


I love these kinds of polishes where the glitter is suspended in a jelly base. They look sooo cool!
This one was just two coats and stayed chip free for a whole week =)

That's all for today peeps, I'l chat to you all soon! Do let me know what you think of glitter-in-jelly polishes, love em or loathe em?


Red and Silver Beauty

posted by Sara ♥


I don't wear red polish a lot. I don't know why, I LOVE it when I'm sporting it and always think why oh why do I not wear it more often! I think it may be because I'm scared of staining which is always a problem with shades like that.... =/
So whenever picking random polishes to wear I usually overlook my red section and move over to the blues and blacks etc. 

Anywho recently I was going off to an event with my mum and cousin and I was going to be wearing a red dress with white and silver details. So I matched my nails with it and obviously had to paint my nails red =]

My pick was the seriously amazing ONE COATER JELLY red in the form of Zoya's Kristi. Oh gosh do I love this polish.....
(click here to see it in an old mani I did a while ago, I show it by itself there.)

I then suddenly caught sight of my OPI Silver Shatter which I received in a swap a while ago by the awesome Shadow and had never used! So I thought why not try it out now =]
Here's the result:

See that tiny chip on my thumb? Well i'm actually shocked its not bigger, since this mani was photographed after a week and half of wear!!!! Yes a whole week and half!!!! Lol

As you can probably tell I LOVE crackle polishes and yes they'v gotten a bit boring now and I probs won't be buying any new ones any time soon, but I want to have as much fun as I can with the ones I already own =]

So what do you think of this mani and about crackle polishes?


Mmmm I Love Strawberries..... =]

posted by Sara ♥


Hey all =] 

Apologies again for my serious lack of posting, I'v just been unbelievably busy lately! Also I have tried catching up on all your awesome posts but if I haven't dropped a comment I'm really sorry and will get down to it soon!

Anyway, onto the nails =]

I'v been leaving my nails kind of plain lately because of the lack of time I'v had to do anything fun to them. So here's some pretty pics of China Glaze's Strawberry Fields which I wore recently. 

Strawberry Fields is a gorgeous almost shocking pink with golden micro shimmers that shine like crazy and make this polish special. 

If I had time I think I would have liked to stamp something over it in black, but hey there's always next time!

I'm writing and scheduling another few posts to be up in the next two days or so, so hopefully you'l be able to look forward to those instead of waiting for me to come back after a few weeks and apologise!

Okies peeps I'm gonna go off and get writing so I'l talk to you all very soon! 

Don't forget to let me know what you think of this polish!

Love ya'll!


New Nail and Beauty Products =D

posted by Sara ♥



For today's post I thought I'd share with you all some newly released or about-to-be-released beauty and nail products which I recently found out about.

First up is a beauty product which got me SUPER excited and I seriously can't wait to share it with you! Its a BB cream by the Boots brand 17 which will be released around November time and seems to actually work like a BB cream! *cough cough Garnier* =P I read about it here. It seems that it will be priced at £6.99 which is a very reasonable price and will be available in two shades, light and medium. I seriously can't wait to try this out! Let me know what you think of this, will you be checking it out? Also what do you guys think of the BB cream hype, are you glad UK brands are coming out with them or do you not really care?

*image credit here*

Next I found out from the lovely Beauty Shades about some newly released nail polishes from 17, and these are very special as they'r magnetic! Man I have always dreamed of owning a magnetic polish since they always seemed to be released in other countries apart from here in the UK! But finally, thanks to Boots 17, we now have an entire set of gorgeous coloured magnetic polishes =D These are priced a tad steeply at £5.99 but I think they'r competing with Nails Inc, so comparing to them these are way cheaper! I'm running down to my local Boots tomorrow to pick up the blue one for myself, so hopefully I'l show you a swatch of that very soon =] Will any of you be getting yourself a bottle or two?

*image credit here*

Next up is the Models Own Beetlejuice Collection of polishes which I'm sure most of you already know about, but I just found out because of my recent absence from the blogosphere! Anyway these bottle pictures left me drooling all over my keyboard and I'm pretty excited for these to be released so I can see if they'r anything like the promo pics and worth buying or not. These won't be released until November and should hopefully be priced at the usual £5.00. What to you think of this collection? Love it or loath it?

*image credit here*

And finally I found out about Barry M releasing two new Nail Effects polishes, but these aren't crackles! These are supposed to be gold and silver foil effect polishes. Sounds to me like uber famous China Glaze's 2030 or Millennium. How cool would it be to get a good gold or silver polish that applies in one coat, dries fast and looks like foil?! Oh and minus the super expensive price tag which China Glaze carries for us girlies living in the UK! These are priced at £3.99 and are available in stores and online now. So here's what they look like and I expect they'l be awesome for stamping with =] Will you be picking either one up?

*image credit here*

So those are some new products which I recently found out about and felt like sharing with you all =] I hope you enjoyed this post and I'l talk to you all soon =]


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