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posted by Sara ♥


Eeek i'm soo excited to be showing you this ah-mazing beauty which comes in the form of Nubar Reclaim! =)

I even got compliments on this mani from a guy! Who I don't even know lol!

Ok enough chattering... moving on to the pics =]

These above pics were taken in natural sunlight. 

These below pics were taken in artificial light plus flash.

I was recommended this polish by a lot of you lovely bloggers, and I'm soooo glad I finally listed to you all and got it! It was the lovely Little Miss Sparkles who posted about this and as soon as I read the post I ran lol literally ran to ebay and bought a bottle straight away! 

I think i'd like to try some stamping over this, and if all goes well lol I'l def do a post on it =] 

Thanks for reading peeps, i'l talk to you all soon!



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