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Moody Blues

posted by Sara ♥


So lately I'd been on a roll and felt like trying out all the different polishes that were ever so kindly given to me by the lovely Caroline from Shadow's Nail Art as part of a swap we did. Just remembered to tell you that the last post I wrote on Wet and Wild's Night Prowl was also a polish she sent me. =]

Ok so today i'l show you my latest try out, which was a HUGE lemming of mine. It's Claires Mood Polish in Flirty/Shy =]]]]]]]]]]]]

My absolute favorite colour of polish to wear is blue and to get two shades of blue in the same polish.... AWESOME!!!!! 

This polish was effortless to apply, just two coats that dry super fast and you'r good to go! As soon as I applied it, it magically changed colour which was soo cool! It dries to a matte finish, which personally I found a little streaky but topcoat instantly changed that for the better =]

Ok so here's my nails after they were run under cold water. The colour changes to a gorgeous deep true royal blue.

And here you see the polish when my nails were run under hot water. The colour becomes a super amazing bright turquoise which looks stunning! 

So overall i'm SUPER impressed with this polish and can't wait to try out the other two colours I have =) I love the way you get a french tip slash gradient mani that takes no effort at all to create! 

Do you guys own any mood polishes? What do you think of them, too childish or totally awesome?



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