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Blingin Turquoise Outfit, Shoes and Eyes.... =)

posted by Sara ♥


Yo peeps!

Continuing on from my last post (which is HERE in case you missed it) for all of you lovelies who wanted to see the dress in full, here's me wearing the outfit which inspired me to create the nails I did =) 

*sorry for the awkward pose, it was super sunny and my brother is rubbish at taking photos and this was the only decent non-blurry one he managed to take... when I wasn't even ready! Oh and um yes I beheaded myself =P*

Talking of beheading ourselves.... did you guys see Lady G's outfit on the Xfactor??!!! She literally did decapitate herself!!!! Who knew it was so fashionable to chop off our heads??!!..... er... =/

Erm yea anyway.... the picture of me was taken on the day of Eid and that was how I wore the clothes =]

Bonus pics.... it's shoe droolage time! =P

Wowee my feet look WEIRD in this second pic.... (I blame my bro.... he took the pic =P)

I'm wearing MEMEME Platinum on me toes btw, just in case you wanted to know =]

Okay, and this is the eye look I wore to go with this outfit. The turquoise part was waayyy brighter in real life...

I just thought i'd mention that I was inspired by the AMAZING Miss. Sneakerette who posts freaking brilliant eye looks and a load of other awesomesauce, go check out her blog! She's super cool =) 
My eye look is nothing, lol I mean nothing compared to hers but I like doing these and I think you guys might be seeing more of these on here.... =]

The products I used were Pop glam jam (primer), 17 glam rocks palette silver and white (inner corner and middle), Sleek turquoise eye dust (outer corner), Barry M black khol pencil (water line), Maybelline lasting drama gel eyeliner (upper lid) and Clinique high impact mascara (lashes).

And just for the fun of it, here's the nails again =]

Okies so that's all for today I hope you enjoyed the randomness =] I'l see you all later for more outfit inspired fun =] 



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