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Second Outfit Inspired Nails =] Blingin Turquoise Necklaces!

posted by Sara ♥


Hey!!!!!! =)

Remember a while ago I posted these outfit inspired nails? Well recently I'v had a lot of formal events to attend to like weddings and such, and I got the chance to create a few more outfit-matching-nail-designs =]

So for my next few posts you'l be seeing a load of my different outfit inspired nails, which I really hope you'l all enjoy reading through =]

For today's post I thought I'd show you a design a did to go with the clothes I wore for Eid a few months back. I'l show you the nails I did for the Eid that just went in a later post.

Okies here's a close-up shot of the gorgeous top, which has a beautiful jeweled neckline.

And here's the nail design I came up with to match =]

I got soooooo many compliments on this design it was crazy lol! Seriously whenever I go out hardly anyone notices my nails but these ones seemed to catch everyone's attention! Almost everyone was like woah what are those cool lil beady things?! Lol =P

So I used the awesome Colour Club's Wicked Sweet as a base, which is super bright and shimmery. Oh and smells divine too!
I then used topcoat and little nail art beads and silver gems I bought from ebay to create a necklace style pattern on the ring finger and thumb nails. For the rest of the nails I also used the beads and gems but just created little 'bindi' style designs.

It was kinda difficult applying the beads and the necklaces didn't come out completely perfect, but hey it was my first time and i'm still pretty happy with the way it turned out =]

Here's some pics of my nails with the dress:

In my last outfit inspired post I got asked by a lot of you for me to show you guys the entire dress. I'm so sorry I couldn't manage to get pictures of me wearing that outfit, but I promise I'l show you this one in its full glory in my next post =]

I also took pictures of the eye makeup I wore with this outfit and you'l get to see that along with a few more things soon =)

Hope you enjoyed reading this post, I'm sorry I rambled quite a bit! Please let me know what you think of this design and if you'v ever tried using nail art beads before?? 

Until next time, have a wonderful wonderful day =D



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