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Dupe-iddy duped - The Beauty Blender lookalike...

posted by Sara ♥


... which I happen to likey a lot. Yay =]

So these sponges have been been causing quite a stir in the world of beauty for some time now, but are they actually worth the hype? 

I bought these two Beauty Blender dupes from ebay, and after a while of using them I can confirm that they are most definitely worth it! Top 3 reasons I love them - they give flawless results, leave skin breathable and minimal effort is required.

To use them, wet with water and squeeze until just damp (I like to squeeze the sponge within a towel to get rid of excess water quickly and easily). Then simply dip the bottom of the sponge into whatever base you prefer to use and dab, dab, dab away! Don't swipe like a normal sponge, it doesn't work effectively like that. Once all the dabbing is done, use the pointed end to reach into those smaller areas of the face, like under eyes and around the nose, and et voila, you're done!

I chose to get the tear drop shaped (pink) and bottle shaped (cream) ones, to compare to one another and see if either worked better than the other.
The pink one is softer than the cream one which makes it easier to bounce on the skin and apply makeup more smoothly. The cream one has indents which make it much easier to hold and gives better control when applying foundation. Both give the same finish, but I feel that the pink one achieves these results in a much quicker time than the cream one, probably due to its softness.

I was worried that these sponges, being extremely cheap, wouldn't work too well, be a wrong density, poor quality and that the dye might bleed when washed. However this wasn't the case at all and every fear I had about them ended up being a distant nightmare as soon as I touched them onto my face. These are better than I thought and honestly I don't know why I didn't give into the hype a very long time ago! 
If you haven't tried sponges like these, you are missing out big time. Go out there (or not actually out there...) and order these right now!! You need one. Or two. Maybe more.

I can't say how they compare to the original Beauty Blender, since I just couldn't bear the thought of spending £16 on a single sponge... and now that I realise how well these work I'l probably never need to spend that much on one anyway!

Have you surrendered yourself to the Beauty Blender, or a just-as-brilliant dupe of one? If yes, what do you think, worth it? And if not, are you tempted??



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