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Intense Kisses by MUA - Sealed with a kiss

posted by Sara ♥


Uh oh. More MUA!

This time its this gorgeous gloss, which as the name implies, is seriously intense! This little gloss packs mega pigmentation and shine for a pout to be proud of.

I bought the shade Sealed with a Kiss - a fleshy nude with pink tones to it. Its one of those colours that might not suit everyone and has the tendency to make you look a little washed out. So deeper skinned lovelies, beware.

In terms of the gloss quality, its pretty decent. Not too sticky or gloopy, just right. It glides on easily with the applicator, but because of the colour it needs a little smoothing over with a brush or finger or uneven lines do show through.

Overall, I do like this gloss but don't reach for it often as the shade, although mega pretty in the bottle, just doesn't work for me as much as I'd like it to. If i'm ever sporting a super dark smokey eye, then this is what i'l wear on my lips, but only sheered out. Other than then, I don't think this is going to be an everyday essential.

Do you like colours like this? How do you wear them?



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