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Hey all!

Sorry for being absent for a while, I'v had zero time lately! Oh and my oral presentation is TOMORROW! =O Eeepers. 

I have a ton load of things to blog about, so will hopefully be blowing up your dashboard soon! =P And I have a lot of catching up to do too, so will be visiting everyone's pages asap!

Take a peek at one of the things I will be sharing with you all oh so very soon:

Yeppp its the stunning Max Factor Fantasy Fire!

I'm in a mega excited/scared/worried mood today and keep shaking like a leaf and having mini spasm attacks for no reason =/ It could be due to the fact that I have my presentation tomorrow and i'm kinda freaked about that, and also that I received some amazing news this morning which had me jumping around like a headless chicken!

That news i'm talking about came from the lovely Miss. Sneakerette when she emailed me letting me know that my end of a swap I did with her reached her this morning! YAY!
If you read my post a while ago where I ranted on about Royal Mail being completely awful and refusing to send out any packages which contained polish, you'l know why i'm so happy to hear this today!
If you want more details on the company that I used to ship my package through, feel free to email me =] I don't want to post about them in case they too end up banning polish containing parcels! 

On a totally different note, check out the last slide of my forensics presentation I will be examined on tomorrow:

I thought i'd be a little weird and freak my class out =] The artwork (which is incredible, no?) is by this cool dude over on DeviantArt.

And finally, just because I feel like it, and for being in the most random mood ever today... 




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