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Maybelline Colour Tattoos - I think I might just have found my new best friends...

posted by Sara ♥


Supp dawgs.

Sorry, really. I'v just been addicted to repeating those Xhibit Yo Dawg meme's out loud over and over again. My favorite ones? Check it out cha - 

Repeating the last one at my brothers face annoys him like nothing else! I just love the look I get every time I spit it out mega fast. No stuttering - Result!

Moving swiftly on though... today I wanted to share with you the super duper hyped about Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24 hr Cream Gel Shadow. These are something I was NOT interested in at all when they first came about.
I have trust issues with cream eye shadows. They love to crease on me no matter how long lasting they claim to be. So I never go near them.
In fact, it took me a good while to believe that these were worth trying out... so much so I bought my first two just a week ago.

(Oh and yes, my watermark has changed. In honor of my new blog name I thought it was about time I changed it.)

I decided to try out On and On Bronze and Permanent Taupe. After a week straight of sporting just these alone on my lids, I feel like they are my bestest friends ever - the only two who never let me down, come rain or shine, they'l stick with me through it all. My God, doesn't that sound soppy?!

But its true!!! People, listen to me when I scream at you that you need these in your life!! 

I hardly ever have time to spend lots of hours on my makeup in the mornings, and am usually a rushed concealer, powder, mascara out-the-door kind of girl. These shadows are just so effortless to put on that I can easily slick them on and go quickly, without worrying that they'l be a mess by the middle of the day.

Its a miracle. A cream shadow that doesn't crease on me. Holy mother of... omgoodness i'm just in love.

Let me know if you agree, or even disagree! =)



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