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We like black white, big striped, polka dotted...

posted by Sara ♥


... cafe latte, presents come in many sizes, wrap 'em up in ribbons, huh!

Going a little crazy again.... my sincerest apologies to you innocent people who stumble across my blog expecting it to be nothing but a humble little corner dedicated to beauty ramblings.... Sorry that I keep freaking you out with my complete insanity.

Buttt... If you're completely mental like me, or don't mind my loopy brain, hows about you follow me on Twitter and Pinterest?? We can rant for days on end and lust after stupidly expensive rubbish together. And also talk about normal things too. :) *hugs*

So whats all this Gaga-ing about? That particular song inspired this:

I used Color Clubs Blushing Rose topped off with Ninja Polish Sticks 'n Stones on all the nails apart from my ring finger one, which is stamped with a bow using MUA's black and finished off with a clear rhinestone.

I loved wearing this mani, it was so insanely eye-catching! Plus, that glitter is so lush I have to force myself not to top it over every single polish I wear!

I'd love to hear what you think of this design? Also, I can't wait to meet you on Twitter and Pinterest! :) 

Much love



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