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Reader Request - Neon Zebra Nails - TUTORIAL =]

posted by Sara ♥


Hey hey!

I was requested to do a step-by-step tutorial for these neon zebra design nails I showed you all a while ago, so here it is! =]


So here's what you need. I know I'm holding onto a Colour Club bottle in the picture, but I actually used these ebay striper polishes for the mani. Any six neon colours of your choice will do just great =] You'l  also need a black stamping polish, mine is Colour Clubs Where's the Soiree. Also, you will need a cosmetic sponge to apply the polish with.

Here is the zebra image I used for the stamping design. So you'l need your stamping plates and a stamper and scraper too of course.

*Please ignore that weird pink splodge in the middle of this false nail! I don't own any proper falsies and the only one I could find was this which is pink and glittery lol! So I just used that for this tutorial, hope you don't mind? =]*

1. Paint your nails with any white polish. (Er, why I haven't included this in the picture of polishes above I'l never know!) I used two coats. 

2. Take your cosmetic sponge and rip up into six pieces. Use each piece for a different colour. Then take a polish, I chose the blue one first, and apply a bit like how I have done so in the picture, onto the sponge.

3. Dab the sponge with the blue polish lightly onto your nail like so.

4. Then repeat the process with your next chosen colour. I used the orange and applied it as shown.

5. Again, repeat the process and use a different colour. I used the pink this time and applied it as shown.

6. Use a different colour again and repeat. I chose the green and sponged it on like shown.

7. Repeat again with another colour. I used purple and added it to the nail as seen.

8. Use your last colour and repeat the sponging process. My last colour was yellow and I applied it as shown.

9. Now go back to the first colour you used and apply that to fill up any remaining gaps. Mine was blue and I added it to the nail as seen. Also apply a topcoat to get rid of the matte, rough texture the sponging method left behind.

*Oh wow i'm such a failure. =S Lol it's super difficult to stamp on a fake nail!! Basically this nail was really big and the konad design didn't fit on it so I er tried to freehand the rest of the zebra stripes.... God what the heck happened in the left hand bottom corner??!!!! =/ Ugh. Well at least you get the idea right??*

10. Now stamp! Then apply a topcoat and you shall be done! =]

Phew. That was my first ever tutorial!
I hope you guys enjoyed it? And I hope you'l also give it a go =] If you do, don't forget to let me know how you get on!



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