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Nail Mail!!!!!!!! =DDD

posted by Sara ♥


*Firstly, just want to thank all you amazing people who commented on my last post =] Seriously you'r all the best! Thanks so much for the support and you'v really made this situation easier to deal with. I now know, thanks to you guys, that I should complain to Blogger and not Google, so that's what I shall be doing very soon. Hopefully the site will be taken down, or at least the posts that don't belong to it will be removed =]*

I literally can't breathe.

Seriously is this the most incredible parcel to be delivered to me, ever???!!!! 

The freaking awesome Caroline from Shadow's Nail Art sent me all this as part of a swap we did =]

Just take a look at it all!  


Lol =P Ok let's break it down so you can see close-ups of everything =]

Two packs of nail polish strips =] I think Caroline must have read my review on the utterly rubbish one's I tried out a while ago and thought I should give these ones a go! So thanks sooo much, I'l def use them and let everyone know how they turn out =] Btw, aren't those lil flower ones soo cute?!

Claire's mood polishes =] Omg I'v been lusting after these since forever! Sooo happy I finally get to have them =))) 

Glow in the dark polishes! Aren't the bottles sooo cool?! I sit staring at these every night after switching off the lights lol =]

Crackle polishes! =))) Two Sally Hansen ones, a CoverGirl one and OPI Silver Shatter! Yay =]

My first Nicole by OPI!!! =] This one is called Stuck in the Chimney and its such a pretty shade of deep red =] I love the way these bottles are shaped too... so cute!

This is a polish by Del Sol called Rock Star, and it changes colour in the sun from this gorgeous deep blue to a dark green =] Awesome or what?! I adore Del Sol polishes and can't wait to try out this one =]

My first ever Sinful Colors! OMG droolage....! Dream On and Mint Apple are the two shades Caroline sweetly sent over =] How hot is that pink?!

Wet and Wild fast dry polishes =] The names on these are so cool, I love it! Teal of Fortune, Party of Five Glitters and Grey's Anatomy. The duochrome in Grey's Anatomy is AMAZING!

More Wet and Wilds =] The first one, Caribbean Frost, had a slight accident on its way here... the lid was somehow open but luckily not much leaked out because of the way it was wrapped up in bubble wrap =] So thankfully it survived lol! The next two are Night Prowl and Blazed.... so gorgeous!

Jesse's Girl polishes =] JulieG and Midori =] Omg did you guys know that JulieG is now also going to have an entire collection of polishes released???!! I can't wait to see what colours she comes up with, especially if they'r going to be as pretty as this one =]

The entire Colour Club Wicked Sweet collection!!!!!! =O Wow! I am super duper excited about these and seriously can't wait to use them all =)

And finally, here's an absolute beauty known as Nfu Oh 51 =] I purchased this one myself and Caroline agreed to send it over to me since Fabulous Street don't ship to the UK. Thanks soo much Caroline, your a star! =)))

Isn't that amazing?! Gosh I LOVE swapping =]

Thanks sooooooo much again, Caroline, your awesome! I'm so thankful for everything you'v done =) Swapping with you has been ridiculously fun! Hope you like your end of the swap!! =D



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