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Spongy and Flakie.....

posted by Sara ♥


Does that sound kinda gross?! Well actually its pretty awesome! =P

So er what the heck am I going on about? Keep scrolling to find out =))))

I painted my nails in OPI's Siberian Nights which is such a gorgeous deep plum colour with no shimmer. In real life it's way easier to tell that it's purple, these photos make it look very black, but its not!
Its so vampy and dark, I love it! 

After a while I got bored and decided to crack out my cosmetic sponge and used it to apply Nubar's 2010 in a layered, gradient effect =]

Isn't that such a crazy awesome effect?! The flakies change colour constantly from green to gold to coppery orange. 
This polish combo reminds me of autumn leaves =]

And now for the fun of it, here's a gif I created =))))

make a gif

So peeps, what to you think of this nail design? Like it? Wanna try it out yourselves? 



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