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Some loser is stealing my blog posts =/

posted by Sara ♥


Seriously. Some. One. Slap. This. Moron. Right. NOW.

Ugh =(

Literally every single post I'v ever written up have been stolen by THIS complete and utter no-life. 

There's also many other's blog post's that have been stolen also displayed on the same site. One blogger who's posts I recognised on the site is the super lovely Beauty Behaved. Here's a link to a page on the stupid site where some of her work is displayed =( 

I can't even comment on the damn site to tell them to remove my posts since there's no comment form.

So, dear owner of Hairstyles and Nail styles, if you are reading this (which i'm pretty certain you are since you probably come onto my site daily to check posts and then get down to stealing them..) kindly remove all my posts, words and pictures, from your site immediately as they do not belong to you.    


To all you lovely readers out there, do you guys have any idea of what I should do? Complain to Google or Blogger? Or both??

(Btw, when you click on the links I'v included in this post, be sure to press the Esc button on your keyboards just as the page loads, otherwise you'l be forwarded onto some advertisement site and won't be able to click back. How annoying right?!)


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