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Glam gets Slammed with a Broken Arrow

posted by Sara ♥


Woo I'm back!!! =)))

I did come back from holiday a few days back, but its been pretty hectic so that's why its taken a while to get back to blogging. Buttt i'm back now =]
Hope you guys have been having an amazing summer so far (and will continue having a great one!) =]

Ok so today I'l be showing you a mani I did a couple of days ago. 

It started out with a base of the gorgeous Serena William's Simply Smashing by OPI. Its such a beautiful golden green colour, and although seemed pretty sheer, this was only two coats =]

Now comes the part where it gets er.. slammed with a broken arrow... =P

I covered Simply Smashing with a coat of MUA's purple crackle which is called Broken Arrow. =] I love the way the super glittery green/gold shimmers through the purple cracks. The way this MUA polish cracked reminds me of microscopic muscle tissue! 

So that's all from me today, my arms are killing me from doing a ton of ironing lol 

I hope to chat to you all soon and I can't wait to catch up with all the posts I'v missed written up by all you lovely bloggers out there =]

Bye for now!



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