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Guest Post - Zarina from MARSHEE - Caronia Sweet Bliss Collection

posted by Sara ♥


*Hello lovelies! Right so today is the last day of guest blogging and also the last day of my holiday.... =( Lol well all good things must come to an end eh? Anyway, so today my space is kindly being filled by the super sweet Zarina from MARSHEE. Over to you Zarina!*


Hello sweets! First, I'd like to thank Sara for letting me guest post on her blog. Doing guest posts is really a good opoportunity to meet people that share the same passion as I am and to also show some of my country's local brand of polishes. (^__^) 

I am ZARINA, 24years old from the Philippines! A certified pet lover, Has passion for nail art and polishes. A book enthusiast. Bruno Mars'#1 fan and Loves blogging!!!

Ahead with my post. hehehe.

This past summer one of the popular local brand of polish CARONiA came out with a nice collection. The SWEET BLiSS Collection
Each bottle is really affordable at about 30pesos each(less than a dollar!) All 6 is 180pesos($4) Cheap right?? I did a very fast swatch of each polishes. Did all the swatches in an hour! So please bare with the photos. hehe. (^__^)

The collection consists of 6 shades.

SUN KiSSED: Two coats of this Orange/tangerine shade.
Application is easy. No top coat.

BABY PiNK: 3coats. A bit thick for me.
No top coat.

ON THE GO: Bluish green shade. 2coats.
Easy to apply. Not to thick. No top coat.

SWEET SURPRiSE: Light yellow shade. 2-3coats. 
The consistency is a bit thick for me.
A bit hard applying. No top coat.

FiRST CRUSH: Purple shade. Light texture.
2coats. Easy to apply. No top coat.

SUMMER FLiNG: Redish/pink shade. 2coats.
Application is easy. No top coat.

Out of the 6, my most favorite is SUMMER FLiNG. I like the color and the texture is not thick unlike Sweet Surprise which is thick and I had some trouble applying it. But in all, it is a very good collection. (^__^)

Oh and it is also good for stamping!!!
Great deal right? Too bad it's only available locally. 

Thank you for taking the time in reading my post.
Hope to hear from all of you sweeties! ♥
Love. Love. (^__^)


*Thanks so much Zarina =] Such an awesome collection of polishes, I'm in love with every colour! I really do hope you'l all go and visit Zarina's beautiful blog and take a look at the rest of her lovely nail art pics =] So since this is the last guest post for now, I should be ready to blog once again after all the madness of coming home from a holiday gets settled down lol! I hope to talk to you all very very soon =D Take care everyone Xxx*


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