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A very very very old polish!

posted by Sara ♥



I'v got a quick post for you all showing a polish which I wore a little while ago and took a load of crappy pictures of it and then decided not to make a post about it lol! But then I though I might as well... =]

The polish is super duper old and is called Sonic by the brand Spectacular, who sold loads of cosmetics during the 90's! 
This polish was given to me from my mum =] She said she was too 'mature' to wear glitters like this now! =P 

I managed to capture a few slightly decent pictures of this AWESOME glitter polish, so here they are:

Yupp I'm holding onto a bottle of topcoat! Why? Well because the actual bottle of polish has this huge holographic label on it and my camera kept freaking out at the sight of it and focusing stupidly on the bottle and not my nails! So photos of my hands holding onto the bottle looked blurry and washed out!

A little like above! This was the only 'good' picture I could get with the bottle in the photo.

Sonic is a pretty pink/lilac shade filled with a ton of micro gold glitter and strands of green and purple glitters. Funky huh?

Do you guys own any very old polishes? Worn some recently??



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