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Anyone for Guest Blogging???

posted by Sara ♥


Hello lovelies =]

Just a quick post for today, I wanted to ask if any of you would be interested in doing some guest blogging for me??   

*picture credit here*

I'm going on a camping trip/holiday for a week from the 20th of this month, so won't be able to blog at all since I'l be in a caravan in some random place without any internet lol =P

I don't mind what kind of posts you want to do, it could be about anything really.... fashion.... food.... health.... erm, teddy bears?! Lol oh and nail polish too of course! =P

Lol whatever you have in mind is welcome by me =] I think guest blogging is also a great way to get word about your own blog out too!
But of course you don't need to have a blog of your own to do a guest post for me =]

So if you guys are interested, please email me at sahara_desert88(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk and let me know what you want to post =] 




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