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Review: Allura nail stickers

posted by Sara ♥


Hey all!

You may remember my haul post where I bought a nail stickers kit which I found in Poundland. Well, today I'l be reviewing it.

Here's the kit, which contains 16 stickers altogether, 8 of each design. Really really stupid in my opinion. They'r just going to go to waste, so why not make 10 each or 5 each?! 
Also included is a nail file and cuticle stick tool thingy.

So the instructions say to have clean nails and apply the sticker straight on, away from the cuticle, and press down to smooth with the cuticle tool. Then file off the excess sticker around the edges using the file provided.

Sounds pretty easy huh? Well.... lets just say that with this, its easier said than done.....

Here's the result:


Well as you can see I didn't even bother completing all my nails!

Can I just end this review right here, since you can all see just how pathetic and utterly rubbish this product is?!

Okay okay, basically this just didn't work for me at all.
NONE of the stickers were the right size and I had to cut them down myself to make them fit on my nails. Which made them look really bad since its kinda difficult to cut a sticky little papery thing!
Once I managed to get them somewhat a size close to my nails, I stuck them down, and spent 10 flaming minutes trying to get them to actually stick down! They stuck on super well in the middles of my nails, but lifted really badly near the edges.
The tools provided didn't help this at all.
That silly cuticle thing scratched the design off when I was trying to smooth the sticker on my nails, and the file... well I ended up using a different one to remove the excess stickers. 

The zebra pattern sticker was okay.... but I think it was only okay since I put it on my thumb which isn't that curved, so it didn't have major creases in it. Perhaps if i'd tried it out on my finger nail, it might not have been so good after all!
The silver sticker was ridiculous. It was literally see through and the colour kept coming off when I rubbed my finger over it!
Oh and do I even need to mention how horribly this creased?!

I can't comment on lasting power since this lasted on me for hardly two minutes as I ripped them off as soon as I was done with taking pictures! 

Right, so my verdict? A COMPLETE AND UTTER WASTE!!!!! Of product, time and a pound.

Please don't buy this!!! There's wayy better things out there to spend your pound on =]

Is there anyone else who has tried these? What do you think? Did they work for you?



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