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Blog awards =] YAY!

posted by Sara ♥


*This post has been in the making for 4 days =/*

*I just haven't had time recently! I'v been writing up this post everyday for the past 4 days lol! I get about 5 minutes each day to blog because we'v had a LOT of stuff happening round our house lately. Anyway below's the post I'v been working on for so long! Enjoy =]*

Hello lovelies!

Today *8th July* I got my Birthday present from my parents! (Yes my Birthday was in May lol, it just took a while for the present to arrive!) My dad ordered my gift (a new bed) for me all the way back in May but we decided to get it delivered to our house now because my bedroom needed a heck load of sorting out! =P 
Are some of you wondering why I have a new bed as my b-day prezzie??! Well its no ordinary bed, its really special and just amazing =] 

Check out these two videos I found which show why the bed is super cool =] 

Isn't that awesome??!!
The first thing I did today when it was fixed in my room was arrange all of my nail polishes on the top shelf =] Finally they get to come out of their stuffy box and see the sunlight! =P
I'l try and get pictures of them and upload them here soon =]

Right ok, so now for the awards =D

Here's all the ones I received lately:

I got these awards from the super talented and gorgeous Eileen from The Sneakerette and the fab-tasticly awesome Kristyn over at Paint That Nail =] So a huge THANK YOU to both of you lovely gals =]

I think i'l also add here that I was also awarded the Top Ten award (which I was tagged for before) by the brilliant Something Polished and wonderful Biba. So thank you sooo much to you two for passing it onto me =]

The rules of these awards are to list 10 facts about yourself, so here we go! =P

  1.  I own a GIANT white tiger teddy that lives on the end of my bed which looks kinda evil but I ♥ it =] It keeps unwanted visitors out of my room (er.. like my spoiled 6 year old cousin!)  =P
  2. I used to hate black nail varnish and I vowed to myself I would never ever wear it. Well uhm that plan kinda failed... =P
  3. I love drawing smiley faces =] Like you guy's hadn't actually noticed that... =P
  4. I love the sun!
  5. I went shopping this morning and bought 7 pairs of jeans =] They were on sale.. how could I just leave them?! =P 
  6. I'v started every sentence above with I! lol
  7. My favorite author is Sophie Kinsella =] Her books make me literally cry with laughter!
  8. My best friend is Sonia =] I'v known her for just over 2 years. We met in college and neither of us thought we would become this close lol! 
  9. My number one country to visit is Brazil =]
  10. My fave TV shows are CSI (all three versions), The Mentalist, Pretty Little Liars and Glee =]
Okies so now it's time to pass on the love =P 

And since I love you all I'm tagging each and every one of you gorgeous readers =] Enjoy the awards!



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