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Ooh shiny! Ooh pinky! Ooh crackly! Ooh... Oh damn I just had to ruin it didn't I...?! =/

posted by Sara ♥


So todays mani could have been awesome... had I not destroyed it. You know that phrase, less is more..... well it's soo TRUE! =P

Here's my nails as they were when they looked good =] I used MEMEME's Platinum (which i'v shown loadsa times before so i'm pretty sure you all know what it looks like =]) and then applied Barry M's pink crackle polish:

Doesn't it look great?? I love the silver shine through the broken pieces of pink =] Here's a close-up because it looks so cool! 

And now for the part where my brain went a little mental and decided it wanted to completely demolish my mani =/// 

I stupidly added on a layer of Barry M's white crackle polish over the top, and it created this. It looks like a icky disease =S Eeew...

Hmmm the close-up doesn't look too bad though...

I got inspiration from THIS fab blogger who created a couple of nail polish rings, and one of the rings she designed was silver with pink and black layered crackle. It looked sooo AWESOME that I just had to try it out on my nails! Unfortunately the result wasn't that fab for me, but oh well...

Anyway what do you guys think of this fail?? Have you ever layered crackle polishes before? Liked the result?



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