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Barbie Juice and Fimo Flowers?!

posted by Sara ♥


Hey all!

So I got rid of my Hello Kitty Mani yesterday because my thumb and index fingernail decided to chip really badly while I was washing the dishes! I don't know why but I never wear gloves while doing the dishes =/ They just annoy me! 

Anyway so I re-painted my nails and used Rimmel's Pop Rose which to me is a colour that looks like as if Rimmel kidnapped a load of Barbies and then shoved them into a blender and poured them into bottles =P 

Barbie Juice. =] Oh btw did I mention that this was ONE coat of polish?! =O

Next I went and raided my nail art drawer and found a bunch of fimo canes that i'v had since forever lol but only used them once =S 
So I thought why not use one today? =] I found a cute little pink flower one that matched this polish perfectly and decided to slice it up. Here's what my nails looked like once I had completed the design:

I took a slice of fimo flower, attached it to my nail and then added a pink rhinestone in the middle of it, all done using ordinary topcoat. Then using a dotting tool I made three dots just above the lil flowers. Then I coated the whole thing in topcoat and I was done! =]

I hope you liked this mani? =] And have you lot ever used fimo canes for nail art? What do you think of them?



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