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Dannii is HOT!!!

posted by Sara ♥


Lol yes she is but could this Dannii be even better???!!

This is two perfect coats of Zoya's amazing polish Dannii from their Intimate collection. I have shown this polish before but this time I wanted the colour to show off properly without being covered up in other polishes/patterns etc. 
But I couldn't leave it completely plain now could I?! =P So I added some lil gems which I bought from ebay =]

Dannii is a gorgeous velvety polish that glimmers with gold and silver micro-particles. In my photos above all the pictures were taken with the camera's flash on and the gold shimmer really stands out, but I wanted to show the silver glow which is also a part of this polish, so I took this photo without the flash:

So what do you think of this polish? I know there's some people who don't really think much of this colour, but I LOVE it!

Tomorrow I'l have a fun post for you all =] If you like playing games make sure you drop by! 



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