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Pretty pink flowers

posted by Sara ♥


Morning everyone!

Today I'l be showing you all my stamped mani which was incredibly difficult to photograph as the colour of the polish kept coming out wrong!

The polish is Rimmel's Sky High and is an incredible teal colour in real life with wayy more green visible in it than in these pics =]

This last picture was taken under artificial light and I've also edited it to bring out the true colour of this polish. This is the closest I could get the colour to look as it actually is. 

After I painted on this amazing polish, I stamped over it using the cute tiny floral image from my giant plate. I used a hot neon pink ebay striper polish to do the stamping with =] Worked okay I think..

Looking at these pictures is kinda giving me a headache! The colours are too bright here and I can't get my eyes to focus on the design on my nails =/ I'd encourage you to click on and enlarge the photos to get a better look at the stamp work =]

Here's a pic of the the polishes I used:

So what do you think? Its funny because I just realised that I'v never used these ebay striper polishes for striping with! Lol may need to do that some time soon... =P



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