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Random polish swatches =]

posted by Sara ♥


I have a HUGE horrid headache right now so I have no idea why I'm still in the mood for blogging.... but I just am lol =P

For the past 11 hours I'v been stuck downstairs in the kitchen. 

Uhm it's ok I'm not injured or anything like that.... upstairs we had builders over who destroyed the whole upper part of our house (yes yes I know they weren't ruining anything... quite the opposite in fact =P) and because of that I couldn't go anywhere apart from being locked up downstairs with the rest of my family! I couldn't even leave the house and escape because if the front door opened, the dude on the ladder directly outside would have got knocked over and half my house would have come crashing down.... or at least that's what my dad told me. =S

Lol so yea I'v been sitting in front of the TV watching rubbish daytime programmes all day and now I have the fattest headache of all time =(
I had no idea Man vs Food could do that to me.....

Anyway I feel like cheering myself up now so i'm going to show you lovelies some pretty pictures of random polishes that I wore recently. I intending on wearing each as a full mani but neither of these lasted more than half an hour since I ended up killing them with my "experimental" ideas....

And sorry, no i'm not showing how these wonderful ideas turned out because I removed them instantly and didn't even think about taking pictures until after it was all gone!

So first up is Collection 2000's Boho which is a beautiful duck-egg blue with a silver sheen and super fine green particles. It slightly shifts colour depending on how you look at it, going from blue to silver to blueish green. 

And here's China Glaze's Jet Stream which is sooo pretty! Its pink with blue/purple flecks that shimmer soo much in real life. I was so sad to take this off after i'd destroyed it!

This is Rimmel Bling that looks like an odd creamy colour in the bottle and only when you apply it does the shiny, blingy gold shimmer come through! I layered this over a dull silver/grey colour and it came out slightly bubbly probably because the base wasn't fully dry before I added the gold. Oh well next time I use it i'l stamp over it =]

And finally here we have a super ooooold Collection 2000 polish with no name! Its labelled as frosted nail colour.... Its a sheer but gorgeous shade of pearly lilac with pink and silver shimmer. I don't really mind VNL so I only did 3 coats.

So that's all for today. I hope you all had a much better day than me today! =]

I'm off to launch myself in bed now.




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