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Dark and Edgy

posted by Sara ♥


Hey peeps!

Hope your all well =] I had a great day yesterday at the wedding. The bride looked STUNNING and the groom was gorgeous! They made such a beautiful couple =] The weather wasn't too good... rained the whole day lol but oh well! 

Anyway today i'm going to be showing you a mani which I'm in love with! It combines some of my fave things together and I just LOVE it! Blue polish.... dark vampy shades..... matte topcoat..... edgy style =] 

So here it is:

This design was of course inspired by the amazing Erika =] You can see her version of this HERE

I used my new Bourjois Bleu Mystérieux polish as the base colour waited for it to dry, which didn't take long at all! Then I cut out a load of spiky scotch tape pieces and stuck them onto my nails one by one and used Rimmels Matte topcoat to paint the exposed side of my nails. This was the result =]

The polish in these pictures looks very black but its not! In real life you can tell its blue but for some reason my camera just didn't want to show it. Here's a bottle pic just to show that its really a very dark navy blue colour =)

Ok guys thats all for today. Lemme know what you think =)



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