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Rebecca, I ♥ you forever!!! But maybe I ♥ Hello Kitty more....??!! =P

posted by Sara ♥


Some of you may be wondering what the heck the title is all about, so I shall explain =]

On Wednesday I logged into blogger as usual, and saw a comment on my blog from the brill Laura from Clothes, Cosmetics and Chat telling me about her Hello Kitty stamped mani she kept failing at, since the kitty never seems to want to stamp perfectly in line on every nail! I replied agreeing with her at how I'v also tried doing a Hello Kitty mani many times but just given up too!
Then a little later on that same day, I looked at my dashboard, started scrolling down and suddenly saw THIS post, so I went ahead and clicked on it.... and then just about died.
Lol it was like God just listened to us and served up this!
The brilliant Rebecca from Rebecca Likes Nails created the most awesome Hello Kitty mani i've ever seen! So I just had to recreate it on my own nails =]
If you guys scroll down her post till you get to the comments you'l see that I asked if I could basically steal the idea and create the design myself, and guess what??? She said I could! =D Woo! =P
Lol so Rebecca, THANK YOU! And Laura, PROBLEM SOLVED! =P

Alright, so here's how my version started out; two coats of MEMEME's Platinum which is a super foily, high shine silver:

Next, I used three different polishes to stamp the cute lil' Hello Kitties onto my nails =] I used a fauxnad plate with the Hello Kitty image and a purple, hot pink and black polish. I'l show you exactly which polishes I used at the end.

AAAGGGHHHHHH all I can say is that i'm ♥'in this look! How cute do those kitties look??!! =P I tried to make it suit my personal style, which is girly but with an added edgy twist =] 

I love staring at my nails from far away.... they look so shiny and blingy in real life and almost like foil! So here's a pic I captured from afar to show to effect:

Oh and I also took a super close-up snap of my thumb nail, which is my fave since it turned out so perfect!

Haha are you sick of Hello Kitty yet?! =P Lol 

Before I go, a re-cap of everything I used =] MEMEME Platinum, Models Own Purple Pearl, L'oreal Perfection Dusky Rose, Colour Club Where's the Soiree and of course the fauxnad Hello Kitty plate:

Do you notice anything different about the pic above?? I'v got a brand new window sill!!! Lol my old one with all my childhood memories and scratches and polish splashes is gone! It was replaced last week and this new one looks soo shiny and odd =P

So that's all for today peeps =] Phew, that was a heck of a load of pics! I think I'm going to keep this mani on for as long as possible lol =]
I'd love to know what you all think of this?

Take care everyone and have a fabby weekend!!! =)



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