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Glittery.... Funky.... Pinki.....

posted by Sara ♥


Coolie.... Boogie..... Ratatouille.... 


I had my LAST exam yesterday!!!! WOOHOO! Lol so I'm officially finished with 1st year of Uni =))))

So as soon as I legged it outta the exam room (after finishing the paper... obvs =P) I hurried my butt down to town and hit the shops =]
And I went a little bit mental =P
I'l show you guy's my haul a little later on, but first.... here's the mani i'v been sporting lately (which is the reason for my um... odd title) =P

Aaaand I thought i'd just tell you guys that I woulda posted yesterday if my damn car hadn't decided to die and then leave me and my dad sitting outside Iceland for over 3 flaming hours waiting for the AA to come and rescue us! Grr.... And do you know how HOT it was yesterday?? My a** felt like I was sitting on a barbecue! And when the dude finally showed up he took not even a whole damn minute to fix the car!!!! =S =S =S 

Lol anyway back to the nails...

I used an old deep pink polish that unfortunately doesn't have a name but is made by Elizabeth Duke. I just googled that and it came up with a site to Argos selling watches by 'her'. =S Um so yea I don't know what the polish is... sorry about that.
All I know about it is that I'v had it in my collection for a good 10 years lol and it came as part of a make up set in a wooden box (so retro right?!). It just matched the glitter so perfectly I had to use it =]  Which reminds me, the glitter is by BYS called Pink on the Brink =] I sponged it onto my nails in a gradient effect.

Look at all the pretty pink sparkly groovy goodness! =P

Right time for my haulage =] Maybe I should use a =S instead.... multiplied by about 500...

Er... um..... well.... 
I was treating myself after enduring all those months and months of hard work and torture and um.... yea ok.

Lets break it down into groups so I can show you all everything in slightly more detail =]

Here's some face and body care stuff such as face scrub, wash, moisturiser and also sun lotion. You can click on all the photos to enlarge =] 

Just a few lip things =S Lol I couldn't help it ok! I love my carmex so though the cherry one would be great to try out and then I saw the 3 for 2 offer in Body Shop and had to get the fruity ones! I'v never used any of them before so it will be nice to see if they'l live up to the hype. Oh and that cute lil' heart thing isn't a lip balm, its actually a solid perfume called Love Etc. =] I LOVE solid perfumes and this one smells divine!

Ok this picture shows a jumble of stuff since I couldn't categorize them each lol!
Coconut deodorant anyone?! Smells odd and nothing much like coconut but I think it'l be a cool thing to try out =) Nothing cooler than rubbing powder on your armpits eh?! =P I bought an eyepencil sharpener as my last one kept breaking the pencils and ended up making splinters that liked to swim in my eyes =S. Oh and how could I resist these gorgeous peacock earrings! Aren't they beautiful?? I also love how they'r not like your usual real feathers stuck on a earing, but metal with an awesome peacock print on them!

I took this photo of an earring for the fun of it and because I simply LOVE peacock feathers =]

Here's a bunch of makeup including light up lipglosses, eye pencils, concealer and blush. I bought the Beauty UK liquid pearl eyeliner in Eclipse after reading THIS review on it. Now you read this review and tell me if you won't buy a few =P Lol it actually is a super super super amazing eyeliner and I'm gonna be getting a few of the other shades too soon =) 

This ah-mazing holographic loveliness you see is that little pot of GOSH in the photo above. Its their eye dazzle in holographic silver and I actually bought it to mix in with some polishes to make them holo =] I hope it works! 

This is a merged blush by Accessorize called Pretty Pink and is absolutely stunning! Its sooo pretty with lilac 'veins' running throughout it. Its super pigmented so I know it'l last a long long time. I'l be using it as a highlighter =)

And now.... here's the polishes! I was actually only supposed to buy polishes for a lovely someone who i'm doing a swap with at the minute, but couldn't help it and ended up seeing things that suddenly I also needed! The very top is a Revlon cuticle remover which I picked up at Pound Land =] Can't wait to try it out! 

If they'rs specific things you want to know about the name/shade/brand etc of any of the products just drop me a comment below and i'l be sure to get back to you =]

A'yt so that was my haul! 

I just finished watching Britain's Got Talent and although i'm slightly disappointed that my fave act Razy didn't win tonight, I have to say wow what a brilliant show! Congrats to the winner Jai =] Omg how stunning was Nicole Scherzingers outfit?! And wasn't Les BRILLIANT?!!! ♥ him! Who cares if the judges didn't think he did perfectly.... I thought it was great seeing how little time he had to prepare. Which is another reason I loved Razy; he had literally NO time to prepare and yet he still came up with a fab routine that was soo different from the first two and I think he did amazingly well =]

I'v got a wedding to go to tomorrow =] One of my mum's friends daughters who's getting married to a Spanish guy! 

Wow i'm really really random today! I'v written so much and I think I should stop now lol and get to bed =] 

What do you lot think of my mani and lemme know what you hauled lately =] I'd ♥ to know!



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