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Yes you guys already know.... but....

posted by Sara ♥


It's the July Issue of Glamour magazine with FREE Benefit goodies!!! =D =D =D

I think that almost every single British beauty blogger has already done a post on this... but I picked up mine today so just thought I'd show ya'll who didn't know about it (which is probably none of you =P)

I chose to get all three, but the Benetint is for my bestie since I already have to full size version of that. I really wanted to try out Posie Tint and High Beam so these lil' ones are perfect =] I wore Posie Tint as a blush today and am officially in love with it! =P 

Here's the bottle pics... they'r sooo tiny in real life!

And here's the swatches; Benetint, Posie Tint and High Beam:

 Lol don't worry Sonia... I didn't use your one... =P

So have you picked up any for yourselves yet? I know that everyone's predicting these are gonna be sold out by the end of this week, but I don't know... I saw piles of magazines lying around in WHSmith, Boots and Tescos today. Maybe it's because they'r sooo small....

Anyway that's all for today peeps, I'l have some nails to show you lot tomorrow (hopefully) =]
Until then, take care and good night!



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