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The Google Game =]

posted by Sara ♥


Ok so er the picture above was me attempting to save the Google logo as a picture and then upload it... and uhm this is what it turned out as?! Oh well... I like it =]

Anyway last week I was on some girls fashion blog and ended up looking at posts uploaded by her during 2009. I'm soooo sorry I can't remember who's blog it was but if I ever remember i'l be sure to link it here =]
While scrolling down the posts I saw she had been tagged  to do this Google Game and it looked like so much fun I though I'd also do it!

The rules were something like this:
- Thank the person who tagged you 
- Complete the Google Game, where [name] = your own name
- You must choose the FIRST thing as the answer, not the answer you like best =P
- Pass on to some people =]

Alrighty-o, lets play! =P

1. Type in "[name] needs" in Google Search:

"Sara needs... a loving, playful home... "

(Yep totally... er =S)

2. Type in "[name] looks like" in Google Search:

"Sara looks like trouble just waiting to happen." 

(Well that might just be true.... =P)

3. Type in "[name] hates" in Google Search:

"Sara hates me."

(Yes I really do. *evil look*)
(Lol only kidding =P Ya'll know I love you really!)

4. Type in "[name] goes" OR "[name] has gone" in Google Search:

"Sara goes to Deutschland."

(Uhm ok.... I'v never been but maybe in my dreams i'v visited a few times...)

5. Type in "[name] loves" in Google Search:

"Sara loves balls."

(All I can say is I'm on the floor laughing hysterically right now and am on the verge of wetting myself)

6. Type in "[name] eats" in Google Search:

"Sara eats fermented shark."

(Bits of shark, a side of fries with a glass of coke... mmm... Best. Meal. Ever.)

7. Type in "[name] has" in Google Search:

"Sara has conceived."

(This wasn't the first thing that came up.... results before this were all for Sarah. But yea anyway... uhm how come no ones congratulated me yet?!)

8. Type in "[name] works" in Google Search:

"Sara works like a computer scanner that recognizes text, translates it into speech and then reads the....."

(Well wow I had no idea I could do any of that! Nobody's ever told me that before =/)

9. Type in "[name] lives" in Google Search:

"Sara lives in Montreal, Quebec, and New York, NY."

(Cool.... =S)

10. Type in "[name] died" in Google Search:

"Hello, I would just like to know if Sara died in CSI last night...."

(Lol well the answer to that would be no she did not. =P)

11. Type in "[name] does" in Google Search:

"I hope Sara does not return! - CSI"

(Well tough.)
(Funny how the answers to #10 and #11 turned out!)

12. Type in "[name] will" in Google Search:

"Sara will make intense eye contact + Alligator"

(Seriously but what?! The only thing i'm making intense eye contact with is this answer)

13. Type in "[name] knows" in Google Search:

"Sara knows it's not Thursday"

(Well er naawh..! Its Friday.
Its Friday, Friday, Gotta get down on Friday, Everybody's looking forward to the weekend, weekend, Friday, Friday, Gettin down on Friday... ) (Sorry... =P)

14. Type in "[name] isn't" in Google Search:

"Sara isn't allowed to read mysteries"

(But why???)

15. Type in "[name] is" in Google Search:

"Sara is smiling."

(I am now =])

16. Type in [name] in Google Images Search:


Lol ok so that was pretty funny! 

I now want to tag some people to do this game =] I hope you guys will enjoy it =]

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And I apologize for the Friday thingy =P So here's a little something to make up for it =]



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