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Blog awards and some pants nail art =P

posted by Sara ♥


Hey peeps =]

So I haven't posted in what seems like absolutely ages and i'm really sorry about that but there's a lot of work going on round my house at the moment and my entire bedroom is stacked away up in the loft lol! Literally! We'r getting the house's windows replaced and mine and my brother's bedroom re-done with a new paint job, carpet and bed too. So that means everything in my room has been stripped bare and I'v got lots of stuff to do with helping getting everything sorted out.

Anyway I will still do my best to post as regularly as I can =] Hope you guys understand =]

Okies so in the past few days I'v been away I got a couple of messages from two lovelies telling me that they'd passed on blog awards to me =] So I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to Laura form Clothes, Cosmetics and Chat and AmandaLee from Far More Than Diamonds for these two blog awards they gave me =]

The first one is this Sunshine Award which Laura passed on to me. Thanks so much to her once again =]

The rules of this award are:

*Thank the person who gave you this award
*Write a post about it
*Pass it on to 10 bloggers you think really deserve it and send them a message to let them know

And here's the other award from AmandaLee. Thanks so much, again =]

The rules of this award are:

*Link back to the person who passed you the award!
*Complete the below form
*Share 7 random things about yourself!
*Award 15 blogs.
*Drop them a line and tell them about it! 

Here's the form to be completed:

Name your favourite color: 
Pink =] (But does the rainbow count..?!)

Name your favourite song: 
Oh man... there's so many! Hmm Ok at the minute I'm loving Teenage Dream by Katy Perry (but i'm addicted to the Glee Warblers version!) and Vanity by Lady Gaga. ♥

Name your fav dessert: 
Mint choc chip ice cream! Yummmy!

What makes you mad? 
Rumors and lies

When you're upset, you... 
Chuck things and slam doors =P Or I just sit there and hug my pillow

Your favourite pet: 
Uhm I'v never had any pets! My mum can't stand the mess they make lol. But when I went on holiday years back to visit my parents family in Pakistan my uncle bought me and my brother three fish. Two were twins which were called 7Up and Pepsi (er one was brown and one was white =P) and one was the most beautiful metallic hot pink which I honestly can't remember what I named (probably something totally original like Pinki...) and that was my fave little thing ever =]

Black or White? 
Both but I tend to wear black more

Your biggest fear is...: 
Getting buried when I die but then waking up. =S I'm pretty claustrophobic. 

Your best feature is...: 
Um... my nails..... I hope!

Everyday attitude: 
Calm and happy

What is perfection? 
Everything is perfect in its own wonderful way. Anything created by God is perfection =]

Guilty pleasure: 
Come Dine With Me. =P

7 random things about myself now...

  1. I used to wear braces (got removed 2 years ago =]) and before I got them I had to wear these nasty plastic retainers 24/7 which had huge blocks in them so that I couldn't shut my mouth. And I had to eat while wearing them. Ugh =S I have nooo idea how I managed to survive without getting teased during high school! 
  2. I used to HATE Lady Gaga when I first heard of her and I avoided listening to/watching anything and everything about her. But then I saw her perform at the Royal Variety and suddenly the next day I downloaded her entire album!
  3. I'm 19 years old. I don't believe i'v ever told any of you that until now!
  4. I love magic! I'm not that great at doing tricks myself but I love watching it and finding out the secrets behind them. My dad however is a great magician and he has this HUGE box filled with amazing magical props and cards and things that lives in the loft, and every time I go up there I'l sit there for hours going through it all! One of my dreams is to go to Vegas and see Penn and Teller live =]
  5. My bedroom is like outer space.... it's got 3D glow in the dark stars hanging from the ceiling, dark walls, a rug with star and moon shapes, beaded curtains on the entrance of my door like the ones shrinks typically have and accessories that resemble planets =] Kinda all looks very boyish because of how blue and dark it is... until you notice the dressing table covered in lipglosses! =P
  6. When I was little I went through a phase where I refused to eat anything unless it was a pizza!
  7. I'm texting my best friend Sonia as i'm writing this =] 
Now i'm going to pass both of these awards on to these amazing bloggers, in no particular order: =]

Right so that's the awards done! Now time for the nails! They'r pants... which is funny because they remind me of actual knickers =P

Im seriously not loving these.... so i'm just gonna get on with the pictures and let you guys decide, yay or nay??

This was two coats of Rimmels Orange Bliss and yet again my camera SUCKED at capturing its true neon goodness. So I messed around with my camera's settings and took this picture which shows the coral neon-ness wayy better, but of course not as great as it looked IRL!

Now comes the pants part ;) 


I love orange nails so I think I should have left them alone... 
My mum however really liked them!

Have you ever created something that everyone else loves but you just can't bring yourself to like it at all??

Oh and before you guys go... you may remember me telling you just a short while ago (above in this post =P) that I'm loving the Glee cover of Teenage Dream...? Well here's a lil video which I can't stop watching =]




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