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Thought I'd show you an old mani today....

posted by Sara ♥


I have already shown this mani once before in my FIRST blog post ever lol but I don't think many of you have seen that post.... so I thought I'd show it again =]  

This mani is also my profile picture... that's how much I ♥ it!
Now I took this one picture wayyyyy before I began blogging (even before I started thinking about blogging!) and it was done using my phone camera.. so please please please don't get mad at me  for showing you all such a crappy pic lol
I'm actually pretty mad at myself for not taking more pictures! Sigh.... if only I had done...

Anyway.... so here it is!

This was my first ever attempt at water marbling and I think it's also the last time ever..... Lol you'l find out why in a sec 

Here are the polishes I used to create this marble mani:

See how most of the polishes are like almost half empty? Well they were all full before I began the mani. =S

Uhm yea. 

I really love my polishes and marbling wasted sooo much polish because I kept failing and trying over and over again, so that's why I honestly don't want to so this again! I can't handle it if something doesn't look perfect and the overall process of creating this mani took just under 4 hours to complete! Lol crazy right! 
The outcome was definitely worth it but man I am NEVER going through all that ever again! =P 

If your wondering what the polishes I used are, they'r all pretty old  with the exception of the Avon and Miss Sporty one, so I'm not sure if you'l be able to get your hands on them easily. However they are, Avon Decadence, Olay Orange Sorbet, L'oreal Dusky Rose, Miss Sporty Metallic Grey and Boots Glitter Babes Sparkle topcoat. 
I used the Miss Sporty one as a base for my nails and used the colours for marbling and then finished by adding the glitter topcoat once everything was dry.

Let me know what you think of water marbling... have you guys ever tried it? Love it or hate it?



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