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My fave nail designs I took pics of before making this blog =)

posted by Sara ♥


Hey guys =)

So this is my 1st post ever!!! Wow! Ok so before I got myself this blog I took random pictures of nail designs which I did and those pictures have just been sitting on my camera's memory card for what seems like forever! I think it's about time I released them =P and showed you guys some of my fave designs I'v come up with...Enjoy =)

This is a pretty simple black and gold french tip design with some really cute silver hearts. I know i'm holding a bottle of glittery gold polish but that was not what I used to do the tips with..... I actually used clear polish and sprinkled loose gold glitter over it.

This is another suuuper easy design which is done with some very very sheer nude shimmer polish and little hearts in blue and yellow and sparkly rhinestones. Just top it off with a good amount of top coat to seal everything in place.

Okkkay....so I know what your wondering...."why is this plain simple thing here as part of the fave nail designs??!!!"....wellll....it's because this was an experiment I did using some gold loose Barry M dazzle dust and I just applied it using clear polish onto my nails. (sorry about the weird edges where the clear polish is on my skin =S)  lol

I love love love this design!!! Highly glossy red nail varnish on every nail then on the ring finger a simple lady bug design made using nail art pens from ebay and small studs as the spots and eyes. 

This mani was done with slices of fimo fruits and gold glitter polish. As cool as it looks....this design took FOREVER to do!! The fimos just seemed to hate me lol they just didnt want to stay and kept slipping off....but I got there in the end!! 

This design could have looked better if i'd used slightly less glitter.... but I still love it lol =) I painted my nails shocking pink and then pained a stripe of blue down the middle, added a little heart rhinestone and then applied glitter polish.

This mani was created using a very very sheer metallic baby pink/whitish polish and topped with nail art stars and little purple hexagonal glitters (both from ebay). I arranges them in a shooting star effect and then finished with clear topcoat to seal and protect. =)

I know I know...this picture is complete and utter rubbish!! But basically this design was done using....drum roll please....newspaper!!!! Yes really!! =P And it looked a whole load better in real life!! Just rip up bits of newspaper, get a damp brush to pick them up with and apply over wet nail polish. Then I glitzed it up using star shaped black rhinestones and a clear rhinestone on the ring finger.

And last but not least...this is my fave of the bunch =D My first attempt at water marbelling!! I FREAKIN LOVE IT!!! lol =P I topped it off with a slightly flakie/glitter top coat =)

So i hope you enjoyed that and have been inspired by some of what you've seen =)

Laters xX


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