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Thank you LOVE4NAILS =D

posted by Sara ♥


This nail art design was inspired by the super amazing youtuber LOVE4NAILS. Seriously guys have you seen her videos?? They are sooooo cool! She is one talented nail artist =)

Here's the design that I did after watching one of her videos:

I absolutely love this design! Here are the polishes which I used:

I used Claire's mood polish in Loney/Loved for the base colour. Then swiped MEMEME Ocean blue along with MUA Shade 1. Then I used a silver glitter striper polish from ebay to make the lines going across the pattern. 

I think i'm going to have to do a review on the Claire's mood polish....this particular shade....because I was extremely disappointed with the results. It didn't give any colour change at all!! Like not a slight difference whether I put my nails under freezing cold water (to the point I felt my finger tips would fall off =P) or boiling hot water (lets not even go there!). This is the only mood polish I own at the moment and I was seriously unimpressed. =(
Thats why I used it as a base without worrying about covering it up in other colours!

The MUA nail polish is actually not black..its a super shimmery dark blue which looks much better in real life! 

Okay so if you want a tutorial on how to achieve this nail design....here's the link to the video by LOVE4NAILS I watched and learned from =) I would have used different colours to what she's used however my favourite nail polish colour is blue...so I simply couldn't bring myself to use anything else!!

Also...while your at it check out the lovely LOVE4NAILS youtube channel....its nothing less of beautiful =)

Hope you like this design =)


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