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Miniature Lush Haul with product reviews!! =)

posted by Sara ♥


Some people reading this might think i'm crazy...but every time I walk into Lush I end up walking out without having bought a single item! I don't know why that is....nothing has really ever interested me!! 
But a couple of days ago I was on their website looking at their different products which looked sooooooo cool and I realised that I had never paid them any attention in the shop before. The reviews of each product I liked the sound of on their site were extremely good and it tempted me to go back into Lush a day later and pick up some stuff =)

So...this is my very very small Lush haul:

A solid shampoo called 'NEW!' And is described as a stimulating and reviving mint bar.

Here's a close-up:

Lol doesn't it look wierd!! On the site it says that this shampoo bar contains peppermint oil, nettle, clove and cinnamon. I initially wanted to buy this because it's supposed to be minty and I love anything that smells of mint =) However, at the shop I smelled this and didn't catch any hints of mint whatsoever so was kinda disappointed....but the smell of the amazing cinnamon eventually forced me to give this shampoo a go! The smell is rather spicy and sweet at the same time and although I quite liked it, my best friend who was shopping with me absolutely hated it! So I guess if you wanna buy this shampoo..smell it first to see if its your taste or not =)

The way you use this shampoo is really easy....simply lather it into wet hands and then smear your hair with the cinnamony goodness =P It cleaned my hair really well after only one use of it but left my hair with a super squeaky clean feel...which I didn't love too much lol but made my hair silky soft again with use of conditioner (not a Lush brand). 
After rinsing and drying my hair I could still smell the delicious shampoo in my hair which I loved and also I think my hair felt softer and smoother with the use of this shampoo. To make sure my shampoo lasts as long as Lush say it should... I keep it in an empty plastic container (a homous pot!!) 
Would I ever buy this item again?? Perhaps not this exact shampoo (but thats only because I get bored easily lol) but definitely another type of solid shampoo...like the Ultimate Shine or Karma Komba shampoo.  

The other item I bought was the Lush Colour Supplement in shade Dark Yellow:

This product is awesome!!! On the site it describes this as: 

Our dark yellow colour supplement is for sun-kissed olive skins or yellow complexions. It works brilliantly to even out skin tone and create a beautiful finish.

The colour supplements can be used on their own as a foundation or applied locally as a concealer. For a lighter finish, they can be used to create your own tinted moisturizer. Just combine a dab of colour supplement with your favourite moisturizer and blend together for your own specially created mix.

The colour is the most perfect match for my skin and I'v never come across a foundation that matches my skin so well. I usually use this as a tinted moisturiser by mixing in a tiny little amount of the supplement into my usual moisturiser and then blending into my skin. I'v never liked heavy cover that looks cakey or thick and this never looks that way on the skin. It's made with rose petal infusion and other natural ingredients so I can put it on without worrying about it causing damage to my skin. Because its so light I feel that it doesn't block my pores and it won't cause annoying breakouts. 

Here are some swatches of it on my hand:

I'm so sorry about the extremely bad photos...I know that in the 1st pic my hand looks really dark and in the second its suddenly pale..but thats because the sun decided to disappear as soon as wanted to take a pic of the blended in swatch =( Anyway...I hope you guys can tell that once blended in it looks really natural and not 'heavy'. 

Its staying power is excellent and I have never felt it 'slip' off my face or sink into creases etc. 
Would I ever buy this item again?? OH YEA!! =P lol I was in love with it as soon as it touched my skin and I think that it's amazing value too =) It's a multi tasking product...used as a concealer, foundation and tinted moisturiser...so rather than buying all those separately....i'd use  this wonder instead =)

Ok people.....that's it for the Lush haul...lol I told you it was a mini one =P  I'd love to know what you think of these products if you've ever tried them and also what are your fave products from Lush?? I would love to try them out for myself =)

Thanks for reading =)



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