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Cutest cuticle oil ever!!!

posted by Sara ♥


I bought this little bottle of cuticle oil absolutely ages ago from Superdrug and its by the company Bloomers. I don't know if its still available or not because I haven't seen any of their stuff being sold in my Superdrug for quite some time now. They had the sweetest products ranging from lipglosses to nail polishes. From what I can remember, all of their things were transparent and had cute little dried flowers floating around inside. 

The cuticle oil was the only thing which I bought from them because I loved the smell and also was in need of it at the time!
Here's what it looks like:

It looks soo pretty and the little flowers are just too cute =P
The oil is scented of jasmine and there's a sticker on the lid of the bottle which tells us that....there were also many other scents available but this one was my fave

Here are some close-ups of the pretty colourful flowers:

This cuticle oil reminds me of the Nfu Oh one...as that one also has colourful flowers in it. I can't compare the two since I don't own the Nfu Oh one.

Anyway I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post =) I'd love to hear from you and what your favourite cuticle oil is



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