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Super sparkly layered konaded mani =)

posted by Sara ♥

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Okies...so these pics were taken after quite a few days of wear...thats why the edges of my nails are showing =S
Lol anyway here it is:

I have noo idea why in these last two pics my middle finger nail is soo flaming looong!! I swear it wasn't like that =S lol =P

Well I did this mani using a Santee pink glitter polish (called pink speckle) and layered it using a brush. I started from the middle and worked my way down layering as I went to get the gradient effect. Then I applied a flower print from a fauxnad plate (I think its the GCOCL ones but not sure as it doesnt actually say on the plates) using a white polish and then using Rimmels zeitgeist polish I added the bee from the same plates. 

Here are the plates which I used:

Hope you enjoyed looking through and thanks for viewing =)

See ya guys next time xX

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