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Super Sweet Valentines Mani!!!

posted by Sara ♥

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So this is my version of a cute Valentines Mani =) I'v seen loads of hearts so I thought i'd be a bit different =P and not plaster my nails in hearts...but in something equally sweet... CHERRIES!!! =D

Lol well these are the polishes I decided to use: (Red Herring Baby Pink, Charisma Nail Polish in unknown and 17 Fast Finish Knockout Red)

And I decided to konad the cherries onto my nails with this fauxnad plate:

And here is the completed mani:

I ♥ it!!! Although if it wasn't Valentines coming up I would probably not use a pink base but a sheer white so the cherries stand out way more! =)
Oh and before I forget to mention...this mani was inspired by (ok literally copied from) Meliney from youtube. Thanks Meliney!! =) 
If you want to see her version of it and also see how to do this mani...click here:

I hope you liked this take on the Valentines theme =)

Tomorrow i'm gonna be showing you guys an edgier manicure (still going with the Valentines theme) which I would probably wear any time of the year cos I love my darkish edgy colours =D 

Lol so catch you guys then =)  ♥♥♥

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