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Oh My Golly GOSH!!!!

posted by Sara ♥


This holographic polish is way too cool for words!! Its easily my favorite nail polish of all time and I actually couldn't believe my eyes when I walked into my local Superdrug and strolled past the Gosh counters and suddenly caught sight of this amazing beauty!!! This polish has been discontinued and sold out all over the country...about a year ago! And so why our Superdrug was still stocking it like a whole year later is beyond me...but thank God they were!! =D

Yayayayayayayayayayayayayaay!!!! Im soo glad I managed to find it! Where I live is not actually the best place to buy nail polishes....there's limited choice of Sally Hansens and if your willing to pay the overly high prices you might just find a bottle of OPI (I'v never seen one though but my friend told me she bought a bottle from a nail salon). I don't own any China Glaze, Zoya's, Orly's, OPI's Essie's....lol cos theres no way for me to buy them!! So I stick to drugstore brands like Rimmel, L'oreal, Maybelline, Barry M etc. !

Perhaps if someone would like to have a swap with me and own this amazing polish (a brand new bottle of it) and/or the very hard to find Barry M black crackle Instant Nail Effects polish..i'd be very happy to do so =) I can also include some other British brands too =) If your interested please email me at sahara_desert88@hotmail.co.uk  =) The polishes that I would love to swap these for would ideally be Nfu Oh's clear flakie polish, Nfu Oh's any other flakie polish, OPI/China Glaze holo polishes, any magnetic polish and Colour Clubs Wild at Heart/Fashion. If you don't have any of these but maybe some other cool polish that you think i would be interested in... definitely let me know =)

Anyway...back to this awesome polish....it shines brilliantly and I know that chipping is a real issue....however I'v found a way to make to polish last much longer =) Wanna know how???!!!
Well...you 'sandwich' layers of the holographic polish in between thin coats of top coat. The order I did it was: holo polish --> topcoat --> holo polish --> topcoat --> holo polish --> topcoat --> holo polish =) It made it much more resistant and unlike the first time I put it on without this method...it didn't chip for 2 days! (which is actually amazing for this polish!!)

Thanks for reading guys =) Enjoy ur day =)


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