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Lady Gaga - Born This Way VIDEOOOOO!!!!

posted by Sara ♥


As much as I ♥ Gaga....I've got to admit her videos always manage to scare me.... a lot =P I'm always speechless after watching them and my mouth is usually hanging all the way down to the floor in shock!

So its safe to say that this new video released by her managed to have the same effect on me.....perhaps even more shocking that usual actually

I guess if you want to know why....then click play =)

It's really different from her previous videos...you can tell that Nick Knight definitely played a part in the making of this! (Thats all I can say at the moment...got to drag my mouth back up from the carpet =P)

Lemme know what you think of it....thats if you can manage to think up some words!! =]



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