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I've been a bit of a busy bee.... =P

posted by Sara ♥


People who know me in person will know that apart from stylizing my nails I also LOVE creating and crafting things =)

So lately my brain went a bit mental and started forcing me to try out some decoden! I love working with gems and jewels so eventually after a lot of instructional Youtube videos and motivation from my mum (lol she's super amazing at all things artsy) I got round to creating my own Decoed out bling phone cover!! Woo! =P

Ok here's my phone as it used to look (its a baby pink LG Viewty):

And now here it is all blinged up =P

Lool pink overload or what!! =P Here's some close-up's on my fave parts (the cute lil airplane, chunky flower and pretty lil butterfly!!!) =)

I used a separate cover onto which I stuck on the goodies =) The covers were a bargain 99p for 2 on ebay!! Yes thats TWO covers for only 99 pence!!! =O =O =D lol! It was handy because if I messed up one (which thankfully I didn't) I could just easily have use the other cover and started over =)

The roses and gems and pearls were from ebay, the airplane was once a tiny brooch which I broke and filed down to make it smooth, the butterflies were stuck onto a bracelet that I also broke off, the large pink flower was a bead attached to a bracelet that.. yes... I yet again broke =P, the lipstick was a charm from Claire's accessories which..yup you've guessed it...I broke off the hook and filed it down. 

I think its actually pretty funny that i'm posting this just as Valentines is around the corner! Such a coincidence lol! I made the cover using all the things I love and it just happened to end up with a million hearts and roses over it!! =P

Here's another pic of it lol cos I ♥ it so much =)

Thanx for reading guys =) I'd love to hear from you and what you think about my er...art =P lol



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