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OMG it feels like its been forever!!!!

posted by Sara ♥


Hey there my lovelies =)

It actually feels like FOREVER ago that I posted anything......even though its only been like four days! The reason for that is that I've been really really busy with completing an assignment for Uni. But anyway thats done now and I handed it in about 10 minutes ago and now can't stop smiling because the stress is over (lol slightly over as I have another assignment due very soon!)
Oh and if you guys are wondering what I study....well its a subject completely different to what you might expect me to be interested in.....Forensic Science =)
Haha its such a nerdy science subject lol but really interesting and brilliant at the same time =) Its my second passion....after nail polish lol =P

Alright....so I know you lot are waiting for me to show you something....so lets get straight to it :

CRACKLE POLISH!!!!! (If my bestie is reading this she's gonna freak =P)

I have to admit I absolutely hated crackle polish until I decided to just try it out for the sake of being a polish addict =P And you know what....I actually love it now! (To Sonia: Yes I did actually really wear this mani...and yes I do really now NOT believe that crackle polish looks like er...'dirt'!!!) =P

Onto the pictures shall we...

Lol my nails remind me of little easter eggs that have actually cracked!!! =P

The polishes that I used are: Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours (Thumb), 17 Lasting Fix in Sherbet Lemon (Index), Glitter Babes in Purple Shimmer (Middle), 17 Lasting Fix in Mint Choc Chip (Ring), Rimmel Lycra Pro in Pure Sin (Pinkie) and of course topped off with Barry M Nail Effects

Im sorry I don't have any pictures of my nails without any crackle over the top...I took the pictures the next morning after I finished the mani.

I hope you guys liked this =)



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