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Retro nail polish!!!

posted by Sara ♥

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This is an ooollldd polish by 17 (the boots brand) and i'v had it since forever!! The bottle is completely different to the 17 polishes we know today and is called 17 Afterdark ShimmerSilk Nail Gloss in Tangerine Pearl. 

Here's the polish in all its retro glory:

Lool its soo old and i'm really surprised that it hasn't gotten all gloopy (I know it looks like it has from the picture but its seriously smooth!!) 

This is the mani I did using this colour:

I added a lil sticker on the ring finger nail which in real life gives a multi-coloured holographic shine =) The polish required two coats and it applied amazingly well...no streaks or any bubbles! And it lasted well too without any chipping for a good few days =)

So..how'd u find your trip to back in time??! =P

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