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Edgy Valentines Mani...inspired by none other than....GAGA!!! =)

posted by Sara ♥


I know exactly what your thinking.....how the hell is Lady Gaga an inspiration for a cute and fluffy Valentines Day manicure??!!!!

Well....er....she's not.

Not for a cute and fluffy mani anyway. =P

Lol but her absolutely gorgeous Poker Face video nails inspired me for an edgy, sophisticated and pretty simple nail art design that is perfect for anyone who doesn't dig the overly pink cutesy pie look =P
Here's Gaga rockin her nails:

And this is my version:

And to create this is used these polishes (17 Fast Finish in Knockout Red, Colour Club's Where's the Soiree and Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat) and heart/round shaped rhinestones from ebay:

Thanks for viewing =) Hope you liked ♥


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