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Duwop Twilight Lip Venom Blush

posted by Sara ♥


Hey people =) Today i'm going to show you the newer version of the Twilight Lip Venom in the Blush shade.

This is what Duwop say about this new product:

Continuing the successful partnership between DuWop, the creators of Lip Venom, and Stephenie Meyer’s acclaimed Twilight saga, Twilight Venom Blush brings a softer and sweeter look to the biting lipstain made popular last year. Twilight Venom Blush is a shimmering pink lip stain suspended in a venom-laced liquid lip conditioner containing argan, avocado and olive oils as well as vitamin E. 

Twilight Venom Blush should be shaken before use (to represent the blending of the human and vampire worlds). Apply to lips until desired intensity of color is reached OR dip the brush in the top without shaking for conditioning and plumping alone OR dip the brush into the bottom of the vial directly into the undiluted stain for a more potent look.

This lip venom is lighter in colour than the first original version and I'm guessing was created after there were many extremely negative reviews about the original deep red version. (Yes I know Duwop say it was popular...but come on...they'r only telling us that loads were sold....not bought and hated by the people who tried it =P) I never purchased the original one as I always try to find out as much as I can about a product I'm not too sure about before I go ahead and buy it.
I read how the lip venom was too dark and a really nasty shade of red which was unflattering. The stain also apparently didn't last very long and went patchy when applied. Personally I don't like wearing very dark colours on my lips and so gave the original lip venom a miss. But after some research =P I found that there was another product called the Twilight Lip Venom Blush which was supposed to be better and give a pink tint to the lips. So quick as lightning I jumped onto ebay and bought myself this wonderful product =) 

This is what the outer packaging looks like. Its a cylinder tube made of cardboard with a detachable lid. (Thank god there's no soppy pictures of Edward/Bella on it!!) =P

Here is the tiny little bottle itself; and as you can see in the picture the venom is separated with a clear liquid at the top and deep pink glittery stain sunk at the bottom. (This is probably the only reason I actually wanted to buy this....because I love the idea of having to shake up the colour!!! =P)

And in this photo you can see what the lip venom looks like once all shaken up =) its actually quite cool because you would think that the pink colour would somewhat dim once mixed up with the clear liquid....but that doesn't happen and the pink is as vivid as ever =) 

The smell of this product is absolutely AMAZING!!!!! It smells of gorgeous cinnamony spice and sugary cupcakes...mmmmm.....

I haven't swatched it yet because the darn weather is horrid around here and every time I try to take a picture...whether it be a swipe of this down my arm or applied on my lips.....I can't get a decent shot of it =( And artificial lighting ruins the look of this altogether so whenever I get a good picture i'l be sure to post it =)

When I put this onto my lips I make sure that they have been exfoliated and are not chapped or cracked. The reason for this is because the lip venom contains actual cinnamon and this is what allows for the plumping, tingly sensation once applied. So if you do have dry, cracked lips and go ahead and slap this on....well lets just say it's a worse feeling than actually getting slapped =P
When applying it, it seems to go on clear and at first I didn't notice much of a stain effect....but..... once it dried I had the best pinkish lip colour ever!!! Unfortunately for me... the little sparkles inside the venom had completely disappeared and were not noticeable at all on my lips. So even though the product seems to be glittering...its actually a pretty matte stain once on your lips.

The stain lasted all day for me and I didn't have to reapply it at all throughout the day. I applied a clear gloss over the top because I like a glossy pout...but you could use lip balm or even leave it as it is =) I just hate the feeling of my lips dry without anything on them and once the stain is dries, my lips feel completely bare!

Overall I love this product and definitely recommend it as it's a beautiful pink lip stain that lasts. The plumping effect wasn't that noticeable for me....but I don't mind that since I don't really need a plumping gloss...so I wouldn't buy this if thats what your looking for. 

Thank you so much for reading =) Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of this lip venom if you've tried it...and what you think of the original version too. Is it really as bad as  some say it is??


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